Stack of 3 Different Derivatives

Hey guys, curious as to what you think. There is someone I know in his early 50’s thinking about doing a cycle. I know most people recommend just doing 500mgs of test a week with an AI and either a taper or a nolva or clomid pct after, but what do you think of a stack for someones first cycle?

something like:

400mgs of test cypionate a week
250mgs of deca durabolan a week
300mgs of masteron enenthate a week.
Possible HCG use, due to the length of use and age of user.

First two shot for 10 weeks, with the masteron shot for an additional 1 or 2 weeks after dropping the test and deca.

All would be injected every 3rd or 4th day, and arimidex on hand if the beautiful siren known as the estrogen fairy decides to show up.

A standard Nolva PCT implemented for 4 weeks after the levels drop to near zero.

Why Deca instead of maybe EQ (or just running 2 compounds)? Are his joints really bad?

His joints aren’t so bad per say that they need rehab or specific therapy, but it was included for that reason. It was included for its collagen producing attributes and, of course, for its added synergy with testosterone. I believe that dosage is sufficient for it’s pro-collagen ability, while not being hugely impacting on prolactin buildup. I didn’t include EQ specifically because it is not known for building mass as well as deca; and I don’t think he needs the appetite stimulation associated with EQ.

What is his health like (chol. BP, prostate)?
What are his goals?

Having an AI ‘on-hand’ for a highly androgenic, aromatising cycle for a man in his 50’s is an absolutely terrible idea.

350mg of Masteron is not going to very much of anything at all… but i am not suggesting it should be increased with the cycle as it is.

Using 2 weeks of Drost Enanth following the last shots of T and Nand’lone will only serve to increase the time till PCT.

Age is one of the factors that is very important when designing a cycle safely, what someone of your age (assuming you are young) can get away with, someone in their 50’s may not react the same.

You cannot recommend and design cycles for people based on the belief that all cycles should follow a basic template (say 500mg Test) - and is one of the factors in why i dont fully agree with many of the stickies.

What happens if you put him on this cycle and at week 9 he blows a gasket because you didn’t make sure to check his health before hand? How would you feel?

**I am not saying (in case ‘someone’ is interested) that people are born able to effectively and safely design bespoke PED cycles, least of all myself - but that maybe you should make general suggestions to him, being absolutely clear and honest about your own knowledge (or lack of), and advise him to learn about the subject and essentially make the decision for himself - as that way you cannot be held responsible if something goes wrong - even if that is just by your own conscience.


JJ, so your reference to keeping an AI ‘on hand’ is a bad idea is a statement that an AI should definetly be run with the doses suggested. The inclusion of the masteron at the end past the test and deca was to serve as having a still active androgen while the deca and test taper off, seeing as how it takes quite a while for the decanoate ester to effectively clear the system for pct.

I am not aware of his health with regards to his blood pressure, cholesterol and prostate, and, of course, those are all important and must be taken into account. I posted this in referene to some random person I had been PMing back and forth with on here, this was a hypothetical cycle. Perhaps I should take your advice and not lay out possible or hypothetical cycles, as responsibility is then some what ascribed to me.

I also took the approach that no matter what some one says on here or suggests, the onus is on the end user, for he/she is the one acquiring/purchasing these drugs, and is the one choosing to use them…