stack mag-10, 4-AD-EC,

I am in fat fast diet, In the final week I want to stack stack mag-10, 4-AD-EC, I am using md6-T2, Methoxy-7 and grow protein.

It would be pointless to stack Mag-10 and 4-AD. Mag-10 is a stack of 4-AD-EC and A1-E. Combining it would just give you more of the same, which may yield a slight benefit, but I really don’t think there would be any point to it.

You should not be using anything but food for your lack of research and reading. MAG-10 is a stack already of A1-E and 4-AD-EC. Go read!!

Trev is right. It would be a waste of 4-AD-EC. If you have already purchased it I would save it for the future. Just wanted to add that the same applies to Methoxy and you would be better off using the Methoxy after the Mag-10 cycle. Good luck on the fast.