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Hey, New member here about to start my second time on gear. Been off for 9 months.

I’m currently 5’9 187lbs and work out 5-6 days a week. Want to take my physique to the next level. I’m looking to bulk.

I am taking a hybrid pre mixed consisting of
-200mg/ml DECA
-100mg/ml ENTH
-100m/ml CYP
-100mg/ml TrenE


I have a couple questions. First since this is a hybrid how much should I be dosing and how often? I would prefer doing a 6-8 week cycle but just want to make sure I’m doing it right. Since this is my first big stack do I need to treat it any differently as far as SERM/AI, liver support and PCT goes? What would you guys recommended? I want to make sure and maintain as much of my gains as I can Anything else that would be helpful would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Few things:

  • I would be careful and be hesitant at purchasing under ground labs advertising such high concentration per ml oils. A long ester is normally 250mg per ml and shorts are 100ml per ml. I have come accross decent labs with slightly more bang for buck but 500 per ml seems crazy…

  • Tren and Deca are rarely ran together becuase they are both very powerful drugs which both give great results when nornally ran with Test. They also both risk increasing prolactin, using both could just be asking for problems!

  • How do you normally run AI and HCG on cycle?

  • How do you normally PCT?

  • Caber should be on hand when usung 19nor compounds.

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First since this is a hybrid how much should I be dosing and how often?

If you look at the displacement rates of the powders you have listed and do a little research on homebrewing you will quickly discover how unlikely it is that the hybrid product you are describing is the one contained in that bottle. Does it list the carrier oil and/or the solvents?

List off any other compounds on the label and I can do a better job explaining as non-sciencey as I can why it isn’t likely.

Also, the items that are blended don’t make much sense together which again sets off my bullshit detector. The ratios are an issue too. Most legit blends keep deca lower than 1:1, C and E together is fishy as well given the context.

Even if it were legit there are practical reasons to not buy blends, like the inability to independently control your compounds which makes trouble shooting really difficult if problems arise.

If you are going to go ham, ala carte is the only way to eat.

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