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Stack help

I’m going to be starting the mag-10 plan for success stack. I was wondering if I really need to take the tribex 500 and the M supplements during the last two weeks.

Since Mag-10 does suppress natural testosterone production to some degree, Tribex and M are strongly recommended. In fact, it does such a good job that there are those here on the forum that take Tribex whether they’re on a Mag-10 cycle or not.

As long as you weren’t going to go back on androgens for at least 4 weeks, it wouldn’t be absolutely necessary. Tribex, M, and/or Methoxy might help you keep more/all of your gains, though.

If you don’t plan on doing another cycle of Mag 10 right away, then you should be all right. The tribex and M is recommended to help recover your test levels so that you can start another cycle. Although people have said that they thought the Tribex and M helped keep their gains. So really it is a matter if you want to spend the money or not.