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Stack Help Please


I searched through the first few pages and didn't find exactly what I was looking for, so I'll ask for expert opinions here. I'm 41 years old and currently on T-replacement (150 mg TestCyp/week). Just prior to summer I'm looking to do an Anavar stack to cut up a little more before hitting the beach. I've been lifting and dieting properly for a while now and feel that I've probably peaked in terms of pure mass without adding more pharmaceuticals.

What I'm looking to do is to double my dosage of TestCyp to 300/week and stack in with Anavar (50-60 mg/day) for 6-8 weeks. I'm thinking that'll help me lean up while keeping my mass gains. It's very important to look lean and hard, but not to have that obvious 'roided look. I'm thinking that my planned cycle is relatively safe; however, I just need help on supplementation for liver support, cholesterol support, and PCT.

Aside from my T-replacement, I'm a complete noob to steroids, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


Anavar is the easiest oral around on the liver. No supplementation is necessary for it.
PCT is to start your natural test back up. You are on T replacement so you do not have natural test to restart. If your doctor will be taking bloodwork during this cycle, you can possibly lose your t replacement. The higher test will be apparent to him.

Test and anavar isn’t going to make you look any different than you already do. The results, based on your diet and training, are the only indication.

You have a lot of researching to do. Come back and propose a cycle when you have a better grasp of things.


I have done research, but it all seems to be conflicting. My experience has been that there are some extremely knowledgeable people here, so I thought I’d give it a try. I’m 5’10"/200 with a small skeletal structure (at least in terms of bone circumference); however, I have broad shoulders so I carry a decent amount of mass. I’m not looking to compete, just to be the best looking old dude at the beach. My plan was to drop to about 185 before the cycle, then use it to get to about 175-ish by late May.

As for the doc, I go every 6 month for labs, but my planned cycle will start about 2 weeks after my next visit, so I’d be in the clear by the time I went back. Is there anything wrong with 300 TestCyp+50-60 mg/day of Anavar? Too low on the Test? Help me out here.


Run the test at 500mg a week. Not sure how old you are but monitoring blood pressure is always a good idea. As already mentioned anavar is so mild the higher the dose the better. If youre getting it for cheap its most likely not var, just a heads up.


I’m 41. Why the Test at 500/week? My primary goal is to cut up while maintaining what mass I have, not so much getting bigger. My hematocrit has been a little high (but still within range…barely) in the past, so I don’t want to push it too hard with the Test if I don’t have to.


Dude your diet is going to dictate whether you add mass or lean out. If your hematocrit is high you need to do a blood letting.