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Stack for Male Fertility

Hey all,

I had a question regarding supplements to help with male fertility. I’m a 36 year old male and my wife and me have been trying to conceive for a year. Turns out I’m actually the problem as my semen analysis was pretty bad (volume, mortility, and mobility).

I’m trying to give myself some help with supplements that I’ve take before, but some new. Here is what I’m thinking:

  1. P-Well (new, seems like it could help sexual health and sperm health, normal recommended daily dose)
  2. ZMA (taken previously, figure it would help bump testosterone levels if depressed, normal recommended daily dose)
  3. Tribulus (taken previously, same reason as ZMA to bump testosterone, normal recommended daily dose)
  4. L-Arginine (taken previously, this is usually included in male fertility stacks but not sure if needed as P-Well seems to help vascular health as well, but this really isn’t my problem, normal daily recommended dose)

So I figure taking all this at once might be overkill but I’m not sure which of these stack well together given my goal sperm health. I want to ensure my overall health isn’t hurt by the stack (like too much stress on kidneys, liver, or vascular system). That’s obviously much more important.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Don’t forget Vitamin D and Vitamin C. They are both linked to fertility and both are cheap.

And be sure that you’re getting your healthy fats, like fish oil. They’ll help you now, and they’ll help your baby’s brain development if your woman takes them during pregnancy.

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Good advice thank you!

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I dont know about fertility, but I saw a significant increase of my testosterone after eating more variety and overall percentage of fat in my diet & going only to RPE 8-9 on the big lifts instead of all out everytime.
Maybe that helps. Regardless I wish you and your wife all the best.

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Glad to hear about increasing fat intake. I read this as well and upped my daily amounts. Glad you confirm this is a good strategy. Also, good advice on on the big lifts. I’m trying to lower stress levels so avoiding maxing right now but not dropping those exercises.

Thanks for the advice and well wishes :+1: