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Stack for Fat Loss


ok, im currently 18, 6'2, 225 lbs. my bf% is 16%. i have brought it down from 20%. i recently ordered HOT-ROX (more, just went through my first bottle), Alpha Male, and Methoxy-7.

i m going to use this stack to get my body fat % down around 8-9%. i workout 3 times a week with a trainer for an hour, and play basketball around 10 hours a week. i eat 2600 calories a day, usually something like this:

meal 1: 660-700 cal
meal 2: 390-400
meal 3: 490-500
meal 4: 390-400
meal 5: 490-500
meal 6: 390-400

i usually dont eat after 9 pm if i can help it.

basically do u guys think my stack of supps and my current schedule of activites i do will get me down to that 8-9% range? and how long do u think it'll take before i get it down that far? thanx


For your bodyfat percentage and mass, try to shoot for about a pound a week fat loss. Last year I was almost exactly where you are, and it took me about eight weeks to get down as low as I wanted to be.

That being said, it would be useful for you to post details about your training regimen and diet. Your goals are easily obtainable, but asking for advice without any real background information is somewhat futile.


It's more than calories. It's what kind and when. Start by reading this:



As BikeMike said...anyone on this site that knows anything is not in a position to say anything...rather they're in a position to ask you questions right now.
Granted it's good that your larget meal is breakfast...but you should also have a decent size meal PWO.

1) Tell us what you're eating
2) When you're eating it
3) When you're working out

We can go from there.


Bro, seeing as you have a good 20lbs. of bodyfat to lose before you reach your goal, I would do this over the course of 10 weeks...2lbs./wk is about as aggressive as I'd go even w/ the ample amount of hormones running through you...Since you're keeping your activity level pretty high, I don't see a need to ultimately drop cals. below 1800...Just make sure that you're getting at least 1g protein/lb. lbm and you should be fine. Good luck



i usually drink a shake in the mornings consisting of ON protein, banana, 1/2 cup of oats, low fat milk, tbsp of PB, and a couple ice cubes.

second meal usually is either fruit w/ some kind of carbs or a vegetable.

third meal is usually some kind of sandwhich with chicken or turkey, mustard, wheat bread, with either veggies or fruit, and some kind of food with ample carbs in it.

fourth meal is usually pre workout, so i try to balance my carbs and protein out, like having a pb sandwhich with some nuts, something like that.

fifth meal is dinner, varies each day.

sixth meal is usually cottage cheese and some vegetables.

i workout usually anywhere from 3-6, and i play basketball around 10 hours a week.

i do consume 2600 calories as it is, but was thinkin of dropping it even more, mayb down to around 2200 range. wat do u guys think?


could someone help plz?


more lean whole protein sources (chicken, steak, tuna eggs etc)


can someone suggest wat kinds of chicken and some easy stuff i can buy? im not a huge tuna fan but i will eat it if i have to. im not exactly a gourmet cook, but ill try my best


Boneless, skinless chicken breast. Eggs. Tuna (water packed, not oil packed). Lean beef. And a George Foreman grill to cook the chicken and beef on.

Also, read this site. There is a plethora of wonderful nutritional advice/diets.

A good starting location is the "What diet should I use" thread, located here:

I would especially recommend John Berardi's "Lean Eatin" series.


There is not a magical answer we can give you, nor is there a wonder supplement that will cause you to get cut. Read, eat healthy, reduce calories, and you will eventually have your abs.


i know that there is no magical pill or anything, so im really tryin to get my knowledge up about nutrition. i eventually want to minor in sports nutrition, and work part time as a personal trainer in the future. thanx for the help bro


Make sure you're getting adequate protein and EFAs. For your activity level, you're calories seem fine. Make sure you meet those two requirements and that your lifting is fairly heavy (5-8 rep range) unless you're new to lifting. Keep at it for two weeks and reevaluate. The only thing you need now is time and consistency, not more advice.


im actually doing a strength phase with reps of 12 and 3 different sets of supersets.