Stack Every SARM Without Roids


I have recently ordered the following sarms; s23, s4, yk 11, ostarine, cardarine, sr 9009, gw 0742, ligandrol, rad 140, mk 2866 and sr 9011.

I am going to run them all at once in medium/ high doses.

Any input or feedback welcome.

Thank you.

But why


‘cause GAINZZZZZ!!!

I got a good price because i bought every single sarm the guy stocks in his shop so i said fuck it. I will run them all at once.

I have enough to last for a while so im not stingy on the amount.

Was just wondering if there are any sarm that counter act against each other.

I would begin end of life planning with your loved ones. Do you have your advanced directives set?

All kidding aside, do your research. I’m not against SARMs. They are like other AAS, they can have positive and very negative impacts. For example what you are proposing will cause your liver to burst directly though your anus and run away from you.


I thought most sarms are not liver toxic. And the ones that are are very mildly so compared to 17- aak


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Do some more research to find that research is lacking, and what is out there can be scary. For example the RAD 140 with case studies of liver failure in otherwise healthy people. But, we all take stuff here that hurts us, we just admit that we know it does and move forward based on our own risk benefit analysis. Don’t kid yourself on the safety of these. Also, clearance of SARMs is also an issue. You’re taking everything. They should be cycled like AAS and how the body clears them should be kept in mind. You have multiples that clear at the liver, and the kidneys. Better not have a drink on top of that.

So when you thought “I’m going to run 11 experimental drugs concurrently” it didn’t seem like a bad idea to you? Because it’s a pretty bad idea and the fact that it never crossed your mind that this is insane is kind of alarming.


As a reminder, OP is the same dude who said “dnp is about as harmful as alcohol.” Sane drug use is pretty much off the table.

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I remember you OP. Your last plan was nearly an equally bad idea :smiley:

I think we settled on you don’t care and we are interested to hear

I dont mind to experiment on myself once in a while.

After reading a bunch and taking into consideration the fact that these compounds arent usually that harmfull on their own but they might have an unpredicted interaction when combined together i have decided to only combine some at a time.

Oh btw i will be throwing in some dnp in the mix and the occasional recreational stuff is innevitable but will be held to a minimum.

I might do a logg of my experiences if people are interested to hear about it.

Please, please document the downfall from this so we can all learn from it lol. I’ll be following :+1:

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you tought very wrong… SARMs work exactly like steroids and some are even better than steroids with even worse side effects than steroids…
your idea to just “run them all” makes me think you are an ignorant dumbass and you deserve everything that is comming to you after that “cycle” or whatever you call that stupidity you will do.

i dont think anyone cares for written experiences if we dont see actual results… post a before and after pic better so you can also see what you got out of completely fucking yourself up.

They’ll fuck your lipids up plenty.

You’re going to have zero testosterone and zero estrogen. Those are only the two most anabolic hormones in your body, so why would you even want those, right?

This is bad idea for a number of reasons, but I’ll only give you one: you are a male and males need testosterone or something that’s a reasonable approximation of testosterone. Not a single SARM out there is even close to testosterone in terms of how it functions in your body. You’re running a cycle that is designed specifically to hobble you. You’re attempting a PR on bench but you’re only allowed to use one arm. It’s genuinely baffling that this strikes you as a good idea.

First of all i would like to thank you all for tge kind words especially you hankytank :wink:.

The reason i posted here is to get feedback because nowhere have i seen anywhere saying anything about this.

In conclusion; which sarms do you guys think i should start with? Im going to run atleast 4 at once to begin with.

And iron yuppie i am quite sure i heard of people doing only sarms and having good results so i dont see any need to involve roids into this.

Im thinking i will leave yk 11 and s23 for later as they are considered borderline steroids and i want to ease into it.

What do yall think?

Why are you willing to use all this random shit but not willing to just run a 12week cycle of test?

Do you have a refference for this?

You’re involving steroids, friend. That’s what’s in those bottle you bought. That they’ve escaped legal repercussions so far does not change what they are. And I’m sure plenty of people have had good results. But I’m also sure that more people have had better and safer results just using a bio identical hormone that has sixty years of research and user data backing it. Not one of the drugs you bought has ever made it to market. And one of them was pulled because it gives you cancer. I get it, you’re stubborn and don’t have any interest in listening, fine. Your body, your choice. But you’re choosing the less safe route in order to get inferior results. I wonder what the calculation was when you worked all that out? Is it possible that you’re afraid of needles and don’t want to admit it? Because that’s about the only answer that even borders on making sense.