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Stack / Cycle Question

I have been using Hot-Rox now for just over one month. Starting Monday, I will be following the cycle listed below:

  • 2 weeks Mag-10
  • 1 week T500 + M
  • 3 weeks Mag-10
  • 2 weeks T500 + M

Is it okay to continue to use Hot-Rox throughout this entire eight week cycle, in conjunction with the other Biotest supplements? Should I discontinue using Hot-Rox for part of the cycle?

BTW, I have been following the OVT program for one week as part of my new eight week training cycle.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.



If you’re doing a bulking cycle (which it appears you are) you should discontinue the Rox for that period.


Thanks for the reply. I will retain that advice for when I start a bulking cycle this fall (I was wondering if I should take Hot-Rox to blunt unwanted fat gain during a bulk anyhow). Since I am at 18% BF, I am on a cutting cycle for the arrival or shirtless weather (Don’t want to be profiled on the Pillsbury Dough Boy Gone Wild 2K3).

In regards to the original question, I should be slapping myself for not reading the Hot-Rox FAQ forum. An answer to my question has been posted by one of the contributors, and it looks as if it is okay to continue using the supps (I forgot to mention I am also taking Myostat) along with Hot-Rox.

Thanks Again,