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Stack Combo? MK2866, LGD4033, RAD140, MK677, S23, YK11

So I came across some MK2866, LGD4033, RAD140, MK677, S23, and YK11 from a professional sports coach that’s known me for a few years.

(Also thinking adding something similar to Joint Rx during cycle and something for liver support?)

It’s been a while for me so not sure what the best joint and liver supps are now.

I was thinking Nolva and/or Clomid for PCT maybe start and stop one then finish with the other depending bloodwork?

Also, it’s bulking season for us.

Does anyone have a recommended combo out of those? There’s obviously more than one combo but I’m looking for multiple combos/opinions on what some here have ran. I’ll probably compare with the combos coach and others offer. As I said, it’s been a while for me so not sure how much, if anything has changed on the efficient “less harsh/redundant” bulking combos.

LGD would be the best all-out bulker of the bunch. But guys get BP issues with that, so be cautious.

Rad has some good anecdotes about it, and I tried it before I started trt. I noticed some strength gains and maybe a little size, but I was already fighting off a low t situation so it certainly made that worse.

Ostarine is not worth it on pretty much any level. Maybe if someone was already on trt and needed to try to do a hard cut it could be beneficial, but for the money it’s just not anywhere near as good as an actual steroid. Ditto S23.

Yk is not a SARM. I know it was sold as such but it simply isn’t. The chemistry of the compound is close enough to a testosterone derived drug that it shouldn’t be considered to be any safer than another oral out there.

The only real appeal here is that you can still buy these drugs online and likely not get into any sort of trouble. But none of them will give you what an actual cycle will, and they still require the same kind of pct (which you’ve eluded to already). So I guess my question back to you is why choose these instead of a more traditional route? What’s the reasoning behind this vs just running test plus whatever else? Not judging, just curious.

I’m most likely gonna go with LGD+677. I’m aware of the YK info. Also, I’m not adding in a pct til after blood work to see if I’ll even need it. I already have the compounds in my possession from coach. The second cycle might be a RAD140 or ostarine. I was staying away from test or anything requiring a test base so that I wouldn’t have to most likely end up either b&c or having to take test for a really long time or using some other method to get back to normal levels.

You can also run mk-677. It isn’t suppressive from what I’ve heard on many accounts. I run it at 10 mg per day because of igf-1 being consistently low on blood work.

im guessing the reason to run these are

  1. they are orals
  2. FSH and LH usually not supressed therefore a potentially quicker bounce back
  3. they are selective


  1. who knows the long term consequences ?

Not knowing the long term effects is the downside of almost anything. If not doing something for the sake of not knowing the long term, pretty much nothing would get done lol we wouldn’t have half of the things we have today by that logic. And honestly, even with that knowledge, it still doesn’t stop people from making the choices they do.

How do you like mk-667 at that dose? Was thinking about doing the same since using actual GH is a bridge too far for me.

Also interested in his or her answer. I plan on taking 677 5 days on and 2 days off

Could you explain your reasoning? That would be interesting to me

If you haven’t used any of these Sarms before I wouldn’t add to a stack. Sarms aren’t side effect free, and if you start to develop some, then you won’t know which one is actually causing the problem.
Rad 140 is definitely suppressive, I got ball shrinkage from it, so its best to do a PCT, with nolva.
Various sarms can cause lethargy, even joint pain in some people, so don’t just jump into a stack.
Run one drug at a time until you see how each one effects you. Then combine successful ones in a stack.
I would start out with MK677, see how it effects your training, should get increased appetite, whilst noticeable fat loss at the same time. I felt pretty lethargic the longer I was on it.
Then I’d try the LGD, then RAD.

They are legal with a prescription where I live, so I can get legit stuff, but very expensive. I still think the results pale in comparison to steroids.

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To be honest, I don’t feel anything different. I need to get blood work while on it. Four different times on blood work, I’ve been between 100 and 120 for igf-1. I’m hoping to be closer to 200 on my next blood work. I’m only taking 10 mg a day at night before bed because it increases hunger, and I’m losing fat currently. Some get water retention. I didn’t get that even with test at 325 mg and no ai.

Greg doucette has some YouTube videos on it, that I thought were pretty good. He doesn’t use GH anymore because he claims to get almost the same impact for a small fraction of the cost. I guess it doesn’t work for everyone though.

I can’t justify the cost. At 38 I have to look at what my money can do for me if I put it into an investment vs into my body for a vanity project. Eventually I’ll look at it for the general wellness benefits, but for right now I need to focus on about 40 other things before I could rationalize the cost/benefit.

And I pictured you as a concert level piano player worrying about tingling pinkies.
Thanks for the clarification

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MK is pretty cheap in comparison. It is generally one of the more expensive compounds that gets sold with SARMs. I got the liquid MK, 50 mL at 25 mg/mL, and it was somewhere around $60-70. At 10 mg a day, that is only around 60 cents a day. I have looked through a couple research papers on it. 10 mg is kinda the low end effective dose, but resulted in roughly 50% increases in GH and IGF-1.

A 50% increase for $.60/d is absolutely worth it. I guess I’ve got to try it. It’s been on the shopping list, but this has been a brutal year so far and I’m loathe to spend money on pretty much anything that makes me personally better or happier.

To me it appears that the only side effect that is worth noting IMO, is insulin resistance. This is just due to higher GH and IGF-1 levels, not the actual drug itself (insulin resistance is a side effect of general GH use). I don’t think too many people run into those issues with MK though as you can only get so much GH and IGF-1 from it, compared to injecting GH in which you can get whatever you inject.

Here is some data comparing a 10 mg to a 50 mg dose. Study isn’t perfect. Low sample sizes (only like 5 people per treatment), and low time of administration. Many other studies exist that roughly agree with this one though.

10 mg of MK per day
GH up by 79% +/- 19%
IGF-1 up by 52% +/- 20%

50 mg of MK per day
GH up by 82% +/- 29%
IGF-1 up by 79% +/- 9%

Based on this data, I choose 10 mg to be my dose (started at 12.5, but currently doing 10 mg). Other studies show that 25 mg is kinda the last point where increasing the dose doesn’t do much other than to make you hungry.