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Hey guys been a T-Nation lurker for many years and used to post under the account jonny5 but can’t for the life of me get into the account! So a bit of background I’ve been training on and off for around 10 years (off mainly due to injury) more strength than asthetics but never been bothered about gear since I always trained alone.

over the past couple years I joined a gym and boy everyone’s gone and got huge! Got talking to the local gym rate and found out virtually everyone there who trains seriously is on the gear! Anyway I finally decided that I step into the dark side and I 1st ran a oral only cycle (not bad!) then a full test cycle (much much better!) really pleased with my results, kept most of my gains in both size and strength and in ready to go again. Here was my last stack:

Cycle Layout:
Weeks 1-10 500 mg GP Test Enathate250 per week
Weeks 1-10 100mg GP Mast 100 every other day
Weeks 1-5 75mg GP Oxy anadrol every day
Weeks 5-10 1000iu’s Pregnyl HCG every week
Weeks 12-16 20mg GP Nolva/50mg GP Clomiphene every day

I’m thinking of running similar but for 12-14 weeks, 10 seemed a little short. Also I’m looking to add some primo on top since I had that on my oral only and I feel I benefited from it a lot. No sides but I had terrible acne as a kid and found I had a few cysts after PcT but some accutane will take care of that next time round. So my Q is can I simply add primo to the stack above or should I look to keep mixing/tailoring to a minimum? This stack was pre designed and I’m no expert in chemisty

thanks in advance.

I’m 6’0 and currently about 190lb for the record :slight_smile:

Where’s your idea for estrogen control?

No estrogen control just Nolva for PCT and incase I got gyno related sides?

No estrogen control just Nolva for PCT and incase I got gyno issues?

[quote]Stronglumbar wrote:
No estrogen control just Nolva for PCT and incase I got gyno issues?[/quote]

You need to run an aromatase inhibitor during the cycle to control estrogen. There are more reasons than just gyno, but you are really gonna wait until you get gyno when you can stop it ahead of time? Be smarter than that.

Read the stickies in this forum and you will feel much better.

What kount said. People think gyno is the only side of E2, when there are a lot more serious sides.

will do thanks guys