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Stable Shoes For Squats?

Hi All!

I was at a store buying some new running shoes yesterday, and after watching me walk, the salesperson was able to assertain (and show me) that I pronate quite a bit, so she recommended stability shoes for running. She explained that the stability shoes would help my knees “track” better while I was running.

Well, that got me thinking about when I’m working out…I work out at home, and generally wear martial arts shoes…(they’re basically flat shoes with no cushioning…) Should I be looking into purchasing some new shoes for working out too? (and I know some guys wear the Converse Chuck’s…but I don’t know how much actual support they would actually give…)


I wear a flat canvas shoe, similar to the low cut converse shoes. They are better than running shoes or cross trainers.

Why? I can feel the ground with my feet (so to speak)

I wear wrestling shoes, which are similar to martial arts shoes, I would imagine. Damn good for working out, IMO.

Suggest you might try orthotic inserts for a bit more arch support. Better to have shoes with minimal shock absorption - you already are using those.

PS I wear olympic weightlifting shoes for squatting. Whether they suit you or not depends a bit on what style of squat you do. Wide stance powerlifting style squat would not go so well.

Chuck Taylors(Fish Heads) work well. I think some Diesels are pretty good, too.

The Strength Shoes of course!

If you get about 1/2 inch. lower than your normal size they should be snug. They work great, Stylish too

Ottomix all the way…

Olympic weight lifting shoes for me…best money I ever spent.

You know what, I bought some Nike 5.0 a couple of weeks back and they are awesome for working out. They are almost like going barefoot, I kid you not. They’re a bit expensive ($85), but when Chucks are going for a ridiculous $38/pair, nothing is cheap anymore. I recommend you at least try on a pair.


[quote]ssn0 wrote:

If you get about 1/2 inch. lower than your normal size they should be snug. They work great, Stylish too[/quote]

Thanks for the link; Vans were the best when I was growing up in the mid 80’s. And I remember they would last FOREVER TOO! The white pair on that first pg. look sweet! Such great memories. Tks again!

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[quote]pushharder wrote:
You’re training at home! Go barefoot for crying out loud.[/quote]

Agreed, my gym allows you to go barefoot (with socks) and it was the best switch i ever made.

I’m a big fan of indoor soccer shoes for deads and squats (adidas sambas, classic pumas, and nike has a nice pair out now too). They have a good solid leather upper and a fairly thin flat sole. Just be careful if you have wide feet, for some reason every brand other than nike seems to make soccer shoes for people with 1" wide feet.