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Stability of Winstrol in Other Solutions

Do Bill or Brock know about the Stability of Winstrol in various solutions? Meaning, If I dumped a vial or bottle into something Acidic, like OJ or Lemonade, would the Winstrol stay together or in time would it lose it’s cohesiveness. Same Question goes for Reforvit-B.

Thanks a Ton!


Both methandrostenolone (Reforvit) and stanozolo (Winstrol), for whatever tiny amount dissolves in mild acidic aqueous solution, are stable, but the fact is, neither will dissolve to any significant extent. They dissolve reasonably well only in organic solvents like alcohol, or propylene glycol (and stanozolol
may not dissolve so well in that, though methandrostenolone will to some extent.)

Just to clarify, and to simplify, could I put winstrol in a bottle of water or OJ, for a period of 3-4 weeks, and have it still work?



Yes, you could, but to repeat, what you’d have would be Winstrol powder sitting at the bottom of the bottle, not dissolved.