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Stability of Flax and Protein

I prepare shakes in the morning to bring with me for the day. so im wondering if i premix them:

  1. what is the stability of protein (whey) after mixed with water?
  2. what is the stability of flax when mixed with water?
    3)What is the stability of flax when unrefrigerated and mixed into protein (dry) without water. (I put protein powder in a shaker and poor in the desired amount of flax. The flax dries after a few hrs. into the protein)

One thing that works for me (eliminating these concerns) is to use some small ziplock containers for my protein powder and some smaller containers for my flax. Also, since I get a lot of flax in my other P+F meals sometimes I just have a few extra fish oil capsules with my low carb whey. This isn’t “exact” but it seems to be working fine; I haven’t noticed any problems with hunger, energy, or workouts (at least not any more than normal for dieting).

I have this mixer container. I just add some water to it and shake up the protein powder into a shake. The entire process takes a few minutes and its 1 meal that’s nutritious and also done and over with.

Good luck.

Ans. 1 :
Keeps for 10 hours if kept refridgerated.
Heat is the biggest concern.
(You can generally tell if it’s gone off by the taste)
Flax etc. I’m not sure, but since it’s oil I’d imagine a lot longer.

I always make two protein plus flax seed oil shakes to take with me to work amd I just keep the refrigerated…are you able to keep them refrigerated?

I do keep them in a cooler with ice packs so i can count on the stability for at least 10 hrs? Also does anyone know about the flax when it dries. I will put protein and flax in a container and then add water a few hrs. later. By this time the flax has dried into the powder.

Gabe, it’s not about the flaxseed you’ve ground drying out. It’s about the oil in the flaxseed oxidizing when exposed to oxygen. I don’t know about the protein, but if you grind your flaxseed fresh and keep it refrigerated, it should be good for 24 hours.

What about whey powder mixed in with some yoghurt?

i suspect the enzymes in yogurt will break down the whey a bit more for you…is this good or bad…?

regarding flax though, always keep it whole, uncooked, and un-mixed until just before you drink/eat it.
a) the oils will keep better
b) any unchewed flax going into your gut starts absorbing fats and water into it’s outer layer, creating a gel.


Im using the oil- so im wondering if its ok to poor it into the protein and then add water several hours later?

So whats the verdict here?