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Stability and Power - 4 Month Project

Hi Everyone,

I have been searching the forum and see there are some very intelligent people here.

I am 27 yrs old and have taken the year off from competitive Pitching because my performance had degraded to the point where if I played another year id be injured… so I left injury free and needed to address some serious structural concerns.

Posting of information with a breakdown will happen over the next couple days.

I hope that the collective wisdom here can help me address and correct myself in 4 months
(I’v already done months of rehab… now my doctor says 3-4 months before bi-lateral moves, squat, bench etc.)

Ok ill be back… Tty guys later.

I had an EMG scan done. Those who know how to interpret it feel free.

The numbers represent the relative levels of electrical activity associated with vertebral subluxation
The balance of numbers is more important than the number itself… but the number has significance too.

Left Right
4.4 C2 4.3
4.3 C4 2.9
4.7 C6 3.1
4.3 T1 4.7
5.2 T3 5.1
7.7 T5 5.1
6.4 T7 5.1
6.6 T9 4.8
7.4 T11 8.5
1.5 L1 2.9
1.5 L3 1.6
1.8 L5 2.1

Notes the doctor made some notes starting from the L5 and back up

L4 = Quadratus Lumborum Tightness
The low numbers from L1-L5 indicate general weakness in that area (low back / low abs region)

Internal rotation of hips; Right hip capsule
Internal rotation L & R are tight the R > L (right more than left) --> Do frog leg stretch
During a lunge stepping with the right leg… the Right hip internally rotates --> Fix with glute strengthening and stretch hips

Right shoulder stability (tight subscapularis) + winging of the scapula
do scapula stabilization (explaining improper shoulder position and anterior shoulder pain)
T1-T2 shoulder muscles are compensating to keep the shoulder up. R–>L the tension moves from R shoulder to left.