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Stabbing Pain In Hand

I was getting out of bed this morning and I pushed myself up and I experienced a sharp, stabbing pain localized basically in the center of the palm of my left hand. The pain spread a little bit outward, but it did not seem to be related to the fingers or the wrist.

Could this be a result of say, bad pressing form on the bench? has anyone experienced a pain like this a day or two after lifting? I have had similar aches occur before, they usually go away on their own, but this feels a little stronger than what I am used to.

The strange thing is that I cannot replicate the pain by pressing my hands together, and it seems to only happen when my hand/palm is at a certain angle as I am pushing myself up from sitting or laying down.


It could be some kind of carpal/radial tunnel syndrome due to too much gripping and very little extensor work, but if it keeps recurring, get a doctor to take a look at it.

Would the pain be in my hand if it were carpal tunnel? Isn’t the carpal tunnel below the wrist? I definitely do not have any pain in my wrist, which is why it is curious to me.

As a musician I have long been aware of carpal tunnels, and this does not feel like the symptoms I am familiar with.

The pain is very much localized to my hand only, and it is very acute, barely spreading to the fingers.

I should also note that it has not been occurring today(at least not as easily)

I do not think it is a serious concern, but it is certainly a ‘wtf?’

If it persist I would see a Doc right away.
I can be a sign of circulatory or heart issues dude.

Most people who have a heart attack do not complain of chest pain but jaw or arm/hand pain.