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St. Pierre vs. Koscheck


Here we go guys - Let's hear some predictions on this weeks fight.


I'm going with GSP. Just think he's too well rounded, too skilled, and his timing is too good for Kos. GSP totally manhandled Alves, taking him down whenever he wanted to (even with a pulled groin for the last round+), while Kos couldn't take Alves down at all and basically got whooped by him. I know MMA math doesn't work, but I just don't think Kos could have dominated some of the fighters that GSP has (like Alves and Fitch) or is on the same level as GSP right now.

Kos has a puncher's chance IMO, but that's the only way that I see him winning this one.


smart money is on GSP but anything can happen...like when Matt Serra caught him


GSP via. decision.

A long, boring fight that showcases impressive wrestling and some token ground & pound.


I have a feeling that GSP is really serious about this one. Kos got under his skin on the show and I think there will be payback. With that said, Kos is dangerous and has heavy hands. And even one mistake could cost GSP the title.


There are so many holes in Kos's standup I don't think it's an issue.


Also Roach would be in GSP's corner, but Amir Khan is fighting the same day. I think George will show way more relaxed boxing and power on his punches. I see this just like the Fitch fight except I think George can knock Kos out. People keep saying Kos can catch GSP and that is his only way to win. I disagree, I think if Kos wins it will be by wrestling. My pick is George though. 2nd rd tko. Even if Kos can get George down I don't think he can keep doing it nor do I think he can hold George down.


Freddie Roach says GSP by Left Hook. The most glaring hole in Kos's game, his very-much-exposed chin. Especially when he throws that overhand right.


The thing is that I don't think that Kos has better wrestling than GSP. So I don't think that's really a place where he's going to beat him. But almost anyone can get caught with a lucky punch (other than freaks like Penn, Cabbage, Mark Hunt, etc...) and lose.


what he said


yeah, i agree... Kos has more experience in collegiate wrestling, but GSP's "MMA" wrestling is way better, prolly due more to the set-ups he uses.


I am afraid he is right but I would love to see GSP go all out to knock out Koscheck.


I'm going to this one, and it'll be my first UFC event. I pray GSP wins and wins my something more substantial than decision after five rounds of takedowns and mild ground'n'pound.




I pick GSP because he's nice & Kos is rude. Since I'm a girl, that's how I roll.


GSP here. Kos has a puncher's chance, and he is a good striker in MMA, but GSP is better, and by better I mean at all aspects of the sport. Better wrestling, better all round ground game, better striking, better athlete.

My guess is Georges stays on the outside, picks his shots and hunts for a takedown. If Kos is too sharp for his setups, he'll clinch against the cage and impose what I think should be a big strength advantage.


I think GSP via GnP TKO. He was upset after he couldn't finish Hardy. I think he will go for subs but unlike against Hardy he will also GnP seriously(which will lead to a tko). More than his past fights he wants a finish, that's just my opnion of his mental state after watching interviews from immediately post Hardy to now. Not that he is going to be reckless but that he wants a "beautiful" (his stated goal on TUF) win in addition to just a win. I know everyone usually says they want that, I just feel for him it will affect his stratgey a little more.


GSP in pretty much every category of MMA, so Kos's changes are pretty questionable. I think GSP will get his TKO/Sub this time though, Kos isn't tough enough to hang with GSP for 5 rounds. GSP Sub (Kimura) R4

What I find the most thrilling matchup on the card by far is Alves vs. Howard. Man thats going to be about nothing else but two heavyhanded thaiboxers going at one and other till one of them falls. I really hope Alves comes in shape this time, so he will be able to add yet another flash KO to his highlight reel. Alves TKO R2.


Kos isn't "tough enough? What does that mean? The guy is a three time NCAA Division I wrestling champion. This makes him the most decorated wrestler in UFC history. In addition to this he has some very serious power in either hand and is not afraid to mix it up. And the last time that he fought GSP he lost, but by decision. So you're going to have to tell me why this guy is not "tough enough" to hang with GSP.

And why GSP submits him when he couldn't submit either Alves, or Hardy who is not known for a great ground game. I have no idea who will win but those counting out Koscheck might be doing so because they don't like him. And not liking someone's personality (there's a lot to hate in Kos) is not a good reason to bet against them.

(I had to pick this thread up a little it was sagging :slight_smile:


Matt Lindland. I get your point though.