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St. Patty's Day


anybody not participating in the festivites for the night....

passing on the guiness and irish car bombs????

im still up in the air whether or not to go out and take a night off the ol diet.


ah, go have fun! but what do you mean "night"? I hope you ment "day"! happy st. patty's day, and have a helluva time!


Always a fun night if you're single...


Wish I could but I'm on medication. I always seem to not be able to drink when the occassion calls for it. Yet, when I could drink there is no reason too. Bah.




I've been blaring The Pogues and Flogging Molly all morning. Happy Guinness Day!


I can't wait


Flogging Molly are the shit!. Saw the Pogues on christmas eve last year. Proper awesome night.

Anyone now how to correclty make an Irish car bomb?. I know the ingredients are Guinness, Jameson and Baileys. Quantaties?, Layering?

Much obliged.


1 irish car bomb:

1 pint glass
1 shot glass
1/2 pint of guinness
1/2 shot jameson
1/2 shot baileys

pour guinness into pint glass, fill shot glass with 1/2 baileys and 1/2 jameson, drop shot into pint... CHUG!


I got a powerlifting meet saturday... it sucks!


Damn! Your avatar reminded me to throw some Dropkick in. How big is saint paddy's in the merry old UK? I've always heard that it's more a USA thing.


I gots to wake up early tomorrow so I'm just going to be drinking a little bit of beer and watch some TV.

God bless alcoholic holidays!


As a whole St.Paddy's isnt a massive celebration in the UK. Though there are parades in London, Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow. All the pubs and brewries will try and cash in on the event.

However if you have Irish blood in you, this event is by the far the most exciting and fun day of the year.


Irish car bomb update

I didnt have any Jameson's, had to use JW black label. Not a bad mixture, heck; i'll think i'll have another.


Clearly the bastards have not done enough research. I am going to call some of my fellow "researchers" right now and go out and test this hypothesis. Clearly their experiments are flawed....

Updated: 4:11 p.m. ET March 16, 2004
LONDON - Rueters

  • People celebrating St. Patrick?s Day Wednesday can cross one topic of conversation off their lists.

Guinness bubbles really do sink.

Scientists said Monday they had finally proved that the dark stout?s creamy bubbles defy expectations and flow down instead of upwards.

?Our group carried out preliminary experiments at a local pub a few years ago, but the results proved inconclusive,? said Dr. Andrew Alexander, from the University of Edinburgh?s School of Chemistry.

They first thought the dark liquid flowing down as a pint was poured gave the illusion the bubbles were going down as well.

Now close examination has revealed that, as a pint settles, bubbles touching the walls of the glass experience drag, similar to that a person feels sliding a finger along glass, and that prevents them floating up.

The bubbles in the middle however, are free to rise, creating a circular flow within the glass that causes bubbles at the edge to be pushed downwards on the inside surface of the glass.

The Edinburgh team, working with researchers at Stanford University in California have produced high-speed video footage of the sinking bubbles ? to put at rest the minds of any drinkers who might have felt they were seeing things.


Whats in an Irish 7-course meal?

A six pack and a potato.


A cop pulls up two Irish drunks, and says to the first,
"What's your name and address?"
"I'm Paddy O'Day, of no fixed address."
The cop turns to the second drunk, and asks the same question.
"I'm Seamus O'Toole, and I live in the flat above Paddy


Newly arrived in Boston from the old country, Paddy O'Shea called his brother back home.
"Sean, it's amazin, these American cities. On most every street, they got glass outhouses, and it's TELEPHONES they put in 'em!"


An Irish man walks into a pub. The bartender asks him, "what'll you have?"
The man says, "Give me three pints of Guinness please."
So the bartender brings him three pints and the man proceeds to alternately sip one, then the other, then the third until they're gone. He then orders three more.

The bartender says, "Sir, I know you like them cold. You don't have to order three at a time. I can keep an eye on it and when you get low I'll bring you a fresh cold one."

The man says, "You don't understand. I have two brothers, one in Australia and one in the States. We made a vow to each other that every Saturday night we'd still drink together. So right now, my brothers have three Guinness Stouts too, and we're drinking together.

The bartender thought that was a wonderful tradition.
Every week the man came in and ordered three beers.
Then one week he came in and ordered only two. He drank them and then ordered two more.

The bartender said to him, "I know what your tradition is, and I'd just like to say that I'm sorry that one of your brothers died."
The man said, "Oh, me brothers are fine----I just quit drinking."


Hadn't heard that one before. Brilliant.

What's the difference between an Irish wedding and a Irish wake?

One less drinker!

My personal favorite:

How can you tell the Irish fella in the hospital ward?

He's the one blowing the foam off of his bed pan.