St Patricks day

damn i cant wait

green beer!!!

Damn right man …

Roll on March 17th !!!

Guinness and more Guinness …

That’s the day when MPR spells New Castle and Guiness!

didn’t realise you were Irish Whetu!

Drunk college girls!!!

Guinness and Harp and more Guinness. My kind of holiday.

And drunk college girls, too!

Drunken old women!

NYC…march in the parade, turn the city into my own personal play ground for 3 days.

For anyone in the New Jersey area my band Beggars Canyon ( will be playing the seaside St patties day parade at the Bamboo Bar…we always have a damn good time. YES!! guiness and drunk college girls haha

everyone is irish on St patty’ day! Plus i manage a psuedo irish pub and have irish bosses. Plus i looooove Guinness… mmmmmmm.
Just got my 300th pint at this pub, (hehehehe… thats why there are no photos of my abs anywhere to be found!)

Bulkin on whiskey. Underage style.

ah that’s where the irish connection comes in, mind you plenty of wanna be Irish should be celebrating tonight after beating england!

FUNKMASTERFLEX----Didn’t you used to rap? I checked out your show the other night it was pretty tight…YO!!! (Just kidding)