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St. Patrick's Day

How many of you out hate St. Patrick’s Day?

I’ve got a little Irish. I would enjoy some beer - but it’s pre-contest…so sad. But think, I’m Chinese, with a little Irish and German…do not get me behind the wheel of a car! He he he!

Hey, that’s my birthday punk! I’m Greek though so I could care less for it…

What the hell is St. Patties day. On Kauai we don’t even give shit about that day sp much. Now May 5th is real holiday. Since it is Boys day, We could strech and call it T-men day since little boys become T-men. Kurose! Gampai!

What is wrong with St Patrick’s Day? Do you even know why St Patrick has his own day or what he did?

I haven’t decided whether I love it or hate it. My only real experience with it was last year, and I spent it working Friday and Saturday bartending at the biggest bar in the Irish capital of Nebraska. That was ONE LONG WEEKEND…at least I was close to where the band played, and I think I was better off behind the bar as opposed to out in the crowd as it was literally elbows and assholes. The line just to get into the bar was three blocks long. I’ve never been to Mardi Gras, but I have a pretty damn good idea of what it’s like after last year. The things I saw and the stories I could tell are mind-blowing. I did get a thumbs-up from someone in the crowd who saw me chugging a protein shake while I was working…that was pretty cool.

Everybody knows that they gave him his own day
because he beat up on some poor snakes with a stick…!

I live in Montreal and we have the biggest St-Patrick’s Day parade in all of north america. Actually its the longest of any other parades in North America. And I have to say I like it. We love it here, but i think for all the wrong reasons. Winters are long and hard here so it seems more like a festival of Spring then anything else. Oh well, who cares. Hotties and green beer lining the street. What more can you ask for :slight_smile:

Avoids, I know all about St Patrick. Did you know he was Italian! I am Irish btw my last name is Gallagher but I see this day as nothing but an embarassing drunk fest. I think it has lost it’s true meaning! How many Irish-Americans really know the history behind this day?

As an Irishman who understands who St. Patrick was, I generally dislike how the holiday is celebrated. I’ve been known to indulge in a pint now and again, but to me, St. Patrick’s day is a holy day and I abstain from drinking and usually spend the day reading Irish history, or watching TV shows (The History Channel and A&E are great for this). Green beer, plastic hats, and shamrock milkshakes have nothing to do with a slave boy who brought Christianity to Ireland. But do as you wish on St. Patrick’s day, just don’t try and drive home after all the green beer.

I don’t have anything against St Patrick’s Day. Its just all the idiots who are suddenly Irish and drink all day.
ps. I don’t mind drinking all day but not because everyone else is.

Well, lets face it. Christmas isnt about decorating trees, santa, elves etc… And Easter, which is the most important christian holiday, is shadowed by christmas. And when it finally is celebrated people think its about chocolate eggs, bunnies, chickens and just about everything else irrelevant. Unfortunately thats part of living in a multicultural community. All holidays have to be diluted in order to make them accessible to everyone… We wouldnt want to offend anyone with our biliefs right?