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St John's Wart

Has anyone used St John’s Wart for improving mood?.
Are there side effects?

I didn’t even knew he had a wart…

lol, sorry about that.

No, I haven’t, sorry :frowning:

But if mood is an issue, I’m curious as to what your diet looks like.

It’s Wort.

I’m sure it was a mental thing, but I used to take a couple St. John’s Wort pills with a double espresso in the middle of a long, hard afternoon at work and I felt fantastic.

It’s been really popular in Europe. There have been studies that show it works and studies that were inconclusive. Yes, there are side effects for some people. Without sounding like a copout, I’d suggest doing a Google search and reading the evidence for yourself before deciding. (Which is what I think everybody should do before they start taking anything, including drugs prescribed by a doctor.)

I forgot to add that I haven’t used it. I saw soem research that wasn’t exactly flattering to it though.

Farting. My friend takes it and he farts like a motherfucker!

I’ve taken it, and it helps with mild to moderate depression.

oh, it gives me NASTY burps if I don’t take it with food. gag I know when the pill breaks open in my stomach, the powder is horrible…

The side effects are similar to prozac.


I’ve used it for a couple of years now as a sleep aid. About 30 minutes after taking it I find myself drowsy and makes it much easier to go to sleep. I can see how maybe for hypo-serotonin type depression it may be of benefit but will do jack for melancholy depression.

Are you taking fish oil? Anecdotal, for sure, but I’ve noticed a distinct improvement in mood and focus when I take fish oil. I’m getting about 5 g combined EPA/DHA per day.

There have been warnings in the past about combining SJW with prescription anti-depressants so keep that in mind.
I tried it a couple of times and felt some mild mood elevation and had improved sleep the first time, but zip the second. No noticeable side effects for me either time…

The first week that I took that stuff was the happiest week of my life! It was almost like I was high off of the stuff. I found that after a month or two, it doesn’t work quite as well