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St John's, Ephedrine and Meeting your maker?

So…Megamorph. I just talked to the Rite Aid pharmicist and I asked him what would happen if I mixed ephedrine with St johns wort. He said it usually takes a long time to work but if it is heart rate you are after it is heart rate you are going to get. He said it would not be safe under any circumstances to stack any of this stuff. Then I reached back and grabbed the ripped fuel off the shelf and said so I should touch any of these products? SO I will try the stack right now with St. johns, caffeine, white willow bark and ephedrine. I am only taking half the st john that’s recommended. I will once again let you know what’s up.

Warning - do not sunbathe while taking St. John’s wort. It increases your susceptibility to sunburn (photo sensitivity?)by a large factor. I got the worst sunburn of my life while on it.

Hypericin which is one of the active flavonoids
in SJW is reputed to be a MAOI, so yeah mixing
it with ephedrine would be bad.You’d probably
get “the cheese reaction” (hypertensive crisis)