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St. Andrews University

Im thinking of studying abroad there in the spring of 2011. Has anyone attended/is attending the university? Has anyone visited it, or know someone who has went there? If not, has anyone been to Scotland? I would especially like to know what their weight room is like.

I’m assuming you checked out their website? Admittedly, they don’t have many pictures of the gym…


My friend goes there - it’s a very good uni, best in scotland but he says the gym is average at best nothing particuarly special. That’s only hearsay though. There’s a big rugby crowd so there are SOME decent weights though but it is very crowded at the best of times…

I was considering going to St.Andrews, it was a close call between Edinburgh University and St.Andrews (both quite prestigious universities) but Edinburgh won out in the end due to being an actual city and St.Andrews town being far too small.

Went to 2 open days there, nice university and good looking girls. Not sure about the weights room, the Edinburgh Uni gym is really good and getting an extension at the moment so will be even better in 2010