Sstimate of 1RM benchpress

If I can close gip 230 for 1 rep, what do guys (or girls) think I could do for my 1RM on the benchpress? I ask because I’ll be testing it in 2 days and I’m not sure where to start, (I dont want to tire myself with more sets than I have to, excluding a brief warmup).

I would guess around 260, but you can’t completely accurately go by your CGB, because it depends upon the strength of your front delts and chest.

how close do you do your close grips? how wide do you do your reg benches? depends on ALOT of things, I have always been able to close grip close to my reg bench(when I used to do them). I would say start around 250, and go up based on how easy it is. if you warm up w/low reps (ex. barx10,135x4,185x2 and MAYBE 225x1) and take 4-5 mins. between sets you should not have to worry about wearing yourself out. peace

I do my CGB so my pinkies are the only fingers off the smooth part of the bar. I do my reg bench with my pinkies off the smooth part too, just wider(hope this makes sense)