SST or 5s Pro? Supplemental

I love pushing for rep PR’s on the main set. With doing that would you recommend SST or 5s Pro for the supplemental barbell lift? Thanks

Neither, SST doesn’t look like it would go well with PR sets and 5’s pro is the main set not a supp. FSL is probably the best option for leader then nothing for anchor.

Why would SST not go with PR reps on main lift? And I’ve also seem 5s pro used as supplemental…

You are correct, I’ve seen both used in the various books. I can’t be of any help because I haven’t used either setup in my own training. But I do know I’ve seen Wendler say that the FSL work was superior to all others and therefore recommended. That doesn’t mean you have to use it, I’m sure the other methods you mentioned have much validity. Hope someone chimes in with more experience reguarding your questions.

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Hopefully THE MAN chimes in. I have done FSL for a few cycles doing it rest pause style (with great results) like in his 28 weeks of training in his beyond book. So now I’m just looking to switch it up a little bit. I might just give SST a try for a cycle and 5s Pro a try for a cycle and see what happens.

He has already answered this many times.

Do the cycles as us for many cycles, then do changes if you still think you need them.

I enjoyed SST with rep PRs. It was very effective for me.

I found that I did better by reducing the weight for the SST presses while going for bench/OHP rep PRs. I was also conservative with my rep PRs. I didn’t treat them as AMRAPs.