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SST, Got 4 Reps at 95%. Adjust Training Max?

Just ran two leaders of SST from forever. On the sixth week (75 85 95) of the second cycle I only got 4 reps @ 95% for Bench and press day I skipped the 95% completely for the main work. Should I adjust my tm and by how much? I know this topic has been beaten and beaten, but just want to beat it some more.

That’s all 5’s pro btw

Do you feel like it was just a bad day, or do you see yourself continuing to be unable to hit 5 reps or even lower if the weights increase?

It’s a weight that I seem to build up to and hit for around 5 reps but I plateau there. My press is actually gone down some. Definitely a rough week at work so maybe was just a mediocre couple of workouts. I didn’t try for 5 because I didn’t want to possibly hit failure. Should I keep same tm and just go to anchor or drop tm and go to anchor?

I think you should just finish out the Anchor with the same TM. Your TM could be too high, but if you think outside stress could have caused a bad week maybe give yourself a couple weeks to see if anything changes.

I would recommend using your performance during the Anchor to choose your TM Test when you complete the cycle.

Did you use an 85% TM when you started your Leaders?

What Anchor are you planning on running?

I used 90% TM. I was planning on PR set, Joker, FSL for anchor.

I would say stay the course one more cycle and if still is continuing to be though to get 5 reps consider a reset.