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SST and Wendler 6 Assistance


Could someone hopefully Wendler tell me how to set up a 4 day workout using the SST for supplemental work and Wendler 6 for assistance.

Thanks for any help


Day 1
Squat - 531
Dips, Chins, Back Raise

Day 2
Bench Press - 531
Incline Press - SST
Dips, Rows, Hanging Leg Raise

Day 3
Deadlift - 531
Front Squat - SST
Back Raise, Curls, Dips/Pushups

Day 4
Press - 531
Ab Wheel, Rows, Dips

Something like this - If this is what you’re asking.


Thanks. I didn’t know if I should just do the dips and curls and rows/ chins on just the 2 pressing days instead of all 4 days. Same with the low back and abs, just doing them on the deadlift / squat day.


Jim if you get a chance I would like to see what your thoughts are. Thanks


Jim answered this question for me, a few weeks ago, on his private forum :slight_smile: