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SSRIs and Ephedrine

Does anybody have any literature on the effects of SSRIs (prozac, zoloft) on the thermogenic effects of ephedrine or yohimbe? Also, do SSRIs affect T levels?

no depressed people getting cut?

Well, yep, I’m depressed because the short answer is ya can’t take most thermogenics with SSRIs! Ephedrine and norephedrine are contraindicated with many SSRIs. Yohimbine might be OK according, to the information I got, but you’d have to start small and work up to find out. Oh, and just in case you got a temporary mood lift thinking you might try PowerDrive, forget that too. It depends on what SSRI you’re on, too, because they all have their own little quirks. You can try some of the medicine checkers online for specific ingredients…not all of the ingredients will be on the medicine checker’s database though. Try the Dr. Koops site and do a google search (can’t post URLs here).

Not sure that I agree with DrLambchop on the Powerdrive. I have tried the combo and I cannot say that it affected me in any way that I or others around me could detect. I just would not take them at the same time. In addition, I would like to know by what mechanisms thermogenics affect serotonin or better yet its receptor sites? It was my understanding that they depleted choline stores and things of that nature but I have yet to see any evidence that they inhibit serotonin production, its pathways, or its receptor sites. Can someone point to such research, because it would help answer this question correctly.

Thermogenics such as norepinephrine can be acted upon by seratonin transporter channels, which I guess would affect seratonin reuptake and metabolism by monoamine oxidase to some extent resulting in higher extracellular concentrations. It would ultimately depend on which of the 5-HT receptor classes the specific seratonin receptor inhibitors acted upon though. I’ll try to find some detailed explaination tomorrow since I just recently covered seratonin, NE and DA metabolism in terms of brain physiology and disfunction in class. Stay tuned!!!

Just a personal observation:SSRI`s increase the euphoric effects of ephedrine.