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SSRIs and Diet/Workout

I have recently just begun taking an SSRI (anti-depressant)and am wondering if I should worry about it affecting any of my dieting or workouts?

I have read that it will slow down my metabolism and decrease the libido so I am wondering if that means my T levels will come down to?

Hopefully I can get off this stuff soon but I had to be honest with myself that I wasn’t doing too well.


I don’t know how it effects t levels but I can say that my wife has been on them for some time and had even tried getting off of them to increase supposed energy and watch weight control issues. Well, what we have learned in the long run is that she actually has had more energy because of the positive attitude and give it a try mentality. Because of this she has worked out more and eaten better placing her in a much better position and body shape than before. What we think: it may mean watching the diet and monitor insulin spikes and carb selection to make sure that you can energize when needed. This however is probably true for those not on them as well.

I know you couldn’t pry my Wellbutrin out of my cold dead hands. It may have some negative effects on my body, but the positive mental aspects vastly overwhelm them.

About 30% of people do not respond well to any of the antidepressants.

If you are on Paxil I would stop. Paxil was wonderful for a month or two and then stopped working for me. It took me six months to get off the stuff. I described the symptoms and people told me it sounded like getting off hard drugs.

Find foods that are high in L-Triptophan. Turkey has less than chicken. Spinach is high in L-Triptophan.

The main problem with SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) is that they do not add Seratonin and you must do something to add Seratonin. L-Triptophan is an amino acid that crosses into the brain and eventually produces Seratonin. I found that SSRIs are like a windup clock and they eventually run out. That is why I said to find food high in L-Triptophan.

I found that hard exercise negated the effects of SSRIs. I never did light exercise so I do not know if that would work. When I did not do any exercise the SSRIs would work at first.

Reality check is if you are on a diet to loose weight you will feel unbelievably bad. I find you have to exercise it off.

I currently eat a lot of cottage cheese and a lot of veggs. I try to avoid anything negative (do not do anything that will get your mental state down). Find positive people to be around. Get involved in something where you help other people.