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SSRI Withdrawal Success on TRT


Not sure if this is allowed and didn't see in the stickies if you can have multiple threads on different topics...if not please let me know. No harm intended.

I am currently on Zoloft and working a slow taper as I am fearful and dread withdrawals. Any one have success doing this while maintaining HRT therapy/life/work/energy/etc.?

If so what taper do you suggest?...


I was able to completely quit all SSRIS with TRT after 12 years of cont use for different ones so yes. I went cold turkey and it took about 3 weeks for neurotransmitters to normalize again. Withdrawal isn’t that bad, just gonna feel a little off and have the occasional brain zap. These drugs are poison and I bet once your off for an extended period of time you will be thankful. I have done a taper before as well that worked fairly well. What dosage are you on? Lets say 100mg, reduce to 50mg for 1 week, 25mg week 2, 12.5 week 3, 12.5 every other day week 4 and you shouldn’t have any problems.


I appreciate the feedback and it is extremely encouraging to hear other success stories. Congrats on getting off the meds!

I was on 75mg and have tapered down to 40 mg by taking about 5-10 mg less every two weeks and it has been working so far. I read some clinical data that speaks to our nervous system barely noticing ssri dosage drops in between 10 and 20 percent reductions every 2 weeks roughly. So I am going to be patient and go with a slow taper as I would rather be safe than sorry. This is another exercise in patience and discipline!

It will probably look something like this:

40 2 weeks
35 2 weeks
30 2 weeks
25 2 weeks
20 2 weeks
15 2 weeks
10 2 weeks
5 2 weeks