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SSN # Cards


Was married a few yrs. back to a latin girl from Bogota, been divorced from her for about 1 yr now. When we were together her family, mom, dad & sister would come here for monthes at a time & would work, they only had a vistors visa, but would work regardless. Mainly at a orange grove.

So one day my ex asked me if her dad could use my SSN #. I said noway! About a week later my wallet goes missing, never found it & it contained my SSN #. NOw last week I get some papers from SS telling me about $ that was made for last yr & the yr before that wasn't mine. So I now have to spend a bunch of time on the stupid phone to straighten it all out. Won't cost me a dime, just time.

SO, why doesn't SS come up with a photo on our SS card? Just like credit cards today? Sounds like a good one to me.

And my ex never became a citizen, which I'm so happy for. To you american guys out there, don't let a latin babe screw you over like I was. They're sweet, beautiful & will screw your brains out, but it's not worth it. Live & learn!


I think getting my brains screwed out by some hottie would be worth some time spent on the phone.

As far as a pic with your SS card, I think that they don't do it exactly for the reason you mentioned they should.
If someone stole your SS card and it contained a photo.. then it's a government issued photo ID and they would also have your SS# at the same time. Which makes me think I shouldn't carry my SS card in my wallet anymore..


You should never carry your SSN in your wallet/purse.

My wife had hers stolen by an illegal that works in chichen factories in Arkansas and it has been the biggest pain in the ass--social security, IRS (four audits in a row), credit bureaus.


Ha, dude, you can't judge like half a billion women based on just one. Though, you probably already know that.

But you know I wouldn't blame you a bit for having an aversion to latinas now. That's what happens.


Yet you judge all of america.. (superman thread)
how very hypocritical of you


I banged a girl a while back that was telling me a similar story about her getting a SS card....you're in Boca right?


good call on that one blitz


That was "The American Way", an established (read: singular) ideal, and not a multitude of persons.

How very unintelligent and/or conniving of you. And thanks for bringing your personal beefs into an unrelated thread. Pissant.


Junior pissant. Pissant 2nd class.

Pissant in training. Pissant intern. "Job shadowing", lol.


You forgot to mention superfertile. Consider yourself superlucky.


You're not worth arguing with, so this will be my last post in this thread regarding this topic.

The american way is a subjective term, that means, it means something different to everyone.
it's not a "singular" concept.

as far as my personal beef's, i'm just calling it like i see it..

You are fantastic at name calling by the way. If i should have need for a good name caller, i'll PM you.


A few yrs back I did live in Boca, attended Lynn Unversity. This all happened in Vero Beach. I now live in Naples.


Yah, super duper lucky. I actually did "knock" her up, she was only 18 & we both decided it wasn't time. I got very lucky!


SSN cards are issued at birth. I've put on a little weight since then and so my photo might not still look the same.


What's so special about a social security card? That is what you're all talking about, right?


Just another government promise broken...


Are you serious, or am I missing your humor?

With your SSN card, someone can pretty much totally fuck up your life in a matter of months. Credit destroyed. IRS pissed, possible legal action against you.


Which is why, as you mentioned above, it should be kept in a safe, not on your person.

As far as wallets go, mine is kept in my front pocket most of the time, though with cargos that isn't so bad.


As someone with uber experience in dealing with social security cards I can tell everyone to chill out. Your card, although important if you don't have the number memorized, is not how most numbers are stolen or abused. Most are stolen by employees or individuals who have access to the numbers, not the card itself. Your mail, any applications, or wherever you have used your SSN. Don't leave your card for people to take it or see it, but you could burn it today and thousands of people will still have access to your number. Social Security is a contradiction of terms and should be disolved.


Not long ago there was a thread about the Government implanting all of us with micro chips with our personal info on it. It did not get much play but it would solve ID theft.