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SSL Multiple Sets



I know there's FSL multiple sets in the books, and I have read of SSL from here. Do you incorporate SSL multiple sets to your training with same logic as FSL training?

Thanks in advance.


Yes but we use it as part of a bigger program and it has to be used correctly for each lift. Doing it just to do it is bad news.


I've done some calculations and the second set last for multiple sets is literally the same volume for the popular HLM Starr type program. In other words they are both good programs so stick to one and do it is what I say.


The way I was planning to do them was to follow the same template I'm doing now. Just to raise the weight and reducing the volume in down sets.

Week A
d1 Squat with down sets (SSL), DL assistance.

d3 P-clean 3's prog, Bench 3/5/1, Press 3's prog.

d4 Kettlebell (upper body emphasis).

d6 Squat deload, DL with down sets (SSL).

Week B
d1 Bench with down sets (SSL), press assistance.

d3 P-clean 3's prog, Squat 3/5/1, DL 3's prog.

d4 Kettlebell (lower body emphasis).

d6 Press + down sets (SSL), Bench assistance.


I was going to continue fullbody routines after my reset, but end up doing this. This may look odd to you, but I have my reasons for everything here, and it fits my schedules perfectly.

If you think the SSL work for 2-3 sets is too much, I'm going to do pyramid or some other option which fits for the second 6 weeks after my reset.


Let's just make it simple and say this: if you want to make steady progress and continue to build speed and strength (and do a good job of adhereing to Prilipins ideas) - 5's pro and FSL is the way to go. If you are going to use SSL, it has to be programmed correctly as part of a bigger/longer program. Usually around 18 weeks.

But steady progress is strengh and power may not appeal to you. I'm not sure what your goals are. Good luck.


Thank you. I'll stay away from the SSL.

I'm currently trying to get more mass with high volume work, after that I'll move to FSL work.


Do you still do 5 sets for SSL?



I am sure this has been answered somewhere else but I cannot find it.
I've looked. Really. I've Googled for an hour.
I have copies of 5/3/1 Second Edition and Beyond in paperback and the eBooks but I am not seeing it.

This isn't exactly the right thread for the question I suppose, but your post above seems close to ideal.

Question: Is "5's Progression" with FSL 5x5 too much?
Or: What is an effective FSL dose for strength & size when used with 5's PRO in your experience?

You mention part of this idea in this thread and something like it in the "Breaking Bad Template" but I cannot quite follow where the cut-off is for too much FSL. I don't want to shoot myself in the foot, long-term.

"5's pro and FSL is the way to go" as you said here a while back is glorious and simple.. but how much FSL? The phrase, while catchy, is almost too simple.
Do you have a FSL recommendation or range in the case of 5's PRO for just running it 4 days per week, long-term, as-is?

All I really add are some dips, chins, and dumbbell rows so I don't think I'm messing around with too much extra stuff.

M: Squats & thick bar weighted chins (SS Yoke Bar)
T: Bench & thick DB rows
Th: Deadlift & weighted dips (trap bar)
F: OHP & regular bar weighted chins (maybe pull-ups in the future)

I train FMA, grappling & boxing a few days a week for conditioning.

I don't like stacking the deck with Jokers and don't care for BBB, but I really enjoy FSL.

Thanks for all of your hard work and patience.