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SSB Pad Breakdown

I hear about people replacing SSB pads now and then, is there something you can use as a replacement pad aside from contacting the manufacturer for a new one? I have a transformer bar, I like the bar but the problem is that this is the 2nd time in less than a year and a half that the pad wore out. The first time I contacted Kabuki Strength and they sent me a new one, this was last fall.

Today as I worked up to my top set I felt the bar digging into my back and sure enough it wore right through the pad. I took some pictures and sent an e-mail to Kabuki but I don’t want to be asking for a new pad every 6-8 months. To make it worse, I’m the only person using this bar on a regular basis. Imagine if you had one in a gym full of 700+lb squatters, it wouldn’t last a week.


Besides getting one from Kabuki not really, you can try to make it with foam/etc but it’s not really the same.

I will say EliteFTS has designed their new pad for hundreds 700+ squats. Dave Tate personally showed me some prototypes and discussed it with me. Was pretty cool how dedicated to it they are.

Most break down due to 1) sweat 2) improper use 3) repeated use.

While no doubt the ones at EliteFTS get a few hundred squats on them in their life time it’s not the same as a 24HR facility getting used hundreds of time a day by everyone and their momma.

Our SSB bar from 2014 broke down in about 4 years at a 24hr facility.

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A Temporary DYI you could try is wrapping some carpet padding around it then wrap that with electrical tape.

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Mine lasted about 8 months, and there were a couple months in that time that I didn’t use it at all.

They got back to me and said they are sending a new one, can’t complain about the customer service. They said that they are exploring other options like wrapping the pad in carpet but didn’t do that originally because it makes it less comfortable. If it’s not inconvenient to get a replacement pad and you just accept that it will break down after a few months then I’m OK with that.

I’m just going to wrap it with duct tape for now, I did that last time and it made it somewhat less uncomfortable. I think it will take a week or two for the replacement to arrive.

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Seems like a pool noodle wrapped in tape might work pretty well. Less bunching than carpet.

Not enough density but it’s a step above empty bar.

Yeah i’ve seen their pad and honestly it’s kind of crap. There’s a reason Joe Sullivan at the Arnold had the elitefts pad on the transformer bar :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow, I wasn’t aware of that. I think the idea originally was to make it more comfortable than the carpet-wrapped ones and at one time on their site it said something about the pad being indestructible, but obviously it’s not.

I think it would be possible to use a SSB without the center portion of the pad, it wouldn’t be any different from holding a barbell on your back, but you definitely need some padding on the handles. And just taking off the center part won’t work because it won’t sit properly on your back like that, some sort of modifications need to be made. Or just make better pads.

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