SSB DIY Pad Replacement

Got a SSB in my gym with no pad. Don’t know the brand but it’s a thick bar.

Haven’t looked at replacement back options for shipping to Australia but would prefer not to spend a lot of cashola.

Still wanna use the bar and it’s not bad without the pad but apparently without the extra height of the pad I’m missing out on some SSB benefits. If I don’t get it perfectly on my back it presses on my shoulders a bit but nothing too bad.

So any ideas?

Haven’t tried any yet but so far have got wrapping something around the bar like a towel or a pool noodle cut up.

That bar is surely unusable by anyone who has any feeling in their shoulders at all. To me, that means you are fully free to fix it.

Measure it out.
Buy some dense foam, circular with a hole down the middle
Go ghetto and duct tape it on.

I probably wouldn’t go any pool toys, I think.that will fall apart after a week.

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So like thick as yoga mat dense or it’s a trip to Bunnings dense?

Yoga mat should do.

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Aight I’ll sneak in late at night and fix up their equipment for them

I can get a picture of what the SS Yoke bar actually uses next time I’m at the gym.

But from what I remember it’s basically pool noodle pieces wrapped in the material that goes under carpet and then the leather outside.

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I would use a foam roller, if DIY.
Cut 3 pieces to length. Remember to leave some space to grip the bar on the 2 handle segments.
Cut them in half.
Cut a trough or channel approximately the thickness of the bar. If you can get a drill bit that would be great. A long boring bit would work. You don’t need a twist bit.
Place that around the exposed bar.
Glue or duct tape in place.
Good luck, they also make barbell pads to be placed on a bar when squatting. Most lifters will sneer at these pads ( I do) that will make a good pad for the neck, cut a 2nd pad in half length for the handles

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I’d advise against the foam roller, it’s too dense. The SS Yoke pad that elite ships literally has a pool noodle inside it.

We want a little give in the pad, otherwise it’s the same thing as having the bar directly in your traps.

Like to finish off my threads in case anyone on the wider internets stumbles across.

Took the measurement today and will cut out some foam off my yoga mat and hopefully it all goes well

@corstijeir Could you post a picture of that?

Did the Yoga mat end up working?

Also, this was 2 years ago? Fek!

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Didn’t end up doing anything. Ive been eyeing Verve they has a nice looking clone of the Titan fitness SSB which is a nice looking clone the elite fts SSB though

People are cloning Titan nowadays? :astonished:

I mean technically if they are clones is the same genetic info as the OG elitefts so cloning Titan is the same as cloning elitefts. All of rogues shit gets ripped off by Titan, Verve and half a dozen other brands. I don’t mind Verve makes solid stuff I’ve used their Westside style bench and power rack