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Ss847859's Summer Log

Starting a log up for the summer and gonna see where it goes from there. Little background about me, I’ll keep it short and sweet. Just graduated college, decided to not get a real job and I’m working in the Florida Keys as a divemaster for 3 months, then I’ll figure out what I want to do. I’m interested in the police, fire or coastguard as places to start a career.

Training for a year and a half. Mostly a powerlifting routine but havnt competed. My lifts are (sq-315, bn-225, DL-375). I’m stronger then those numbers says, I could squat more and I know I can deadlift 405, just missed it last time. When I started I weighed 225, I’m now 185. I’m 5’ 8".

My routine for a while looked something like this -
mon - sq/bench
wensday - DL/bench

I did everything heavy, between 3-5 reps and occasianally went for 1rm. Benching on wensdays was usually lighter and every 3rd week or so I did rack lock outs instead with a real heavy weaight.

My goals for now are to keep (or gain) strength, and lose fat. I love training for strength but now I want to work on endurance and being fit (for police, fire, coastguard, etc.).

I’m going to track my workouts in this log and some small nutritional stuff. Mainly what I’ll post about nutrition is if I fuck up and eat an entire pizza, which happense every so often, and hopefully you guys can kick my ass for it. I learned in a psych class that a person has a better chance of doing something if they announce to others that they are doing it. So here it is. I’m going to clean up my diet.

I just read the shotgun method and its nice. I like the fact that it works around the big lifts because thats what I like and thats what I’m used to doing. I’m still working on it but what I got so far is something like:

D1 (Mon) - Shotgun - Squat, Bench, cable rows/pulldowns
D2 (Tues) - Bi work, Abs, Pullups
D3 (Thurs) - Shotgun - Deadlift, Military Press, Upright Rows
D4 (Fri) - Pushups, Tri Work, side lat raises

On my days off, or even on my days on I’ll probubly work in some cardio. I’ll also be doing some other physical activities,kayaking with the g/f, diving, etc.

Well theres the intro post. Think thats it. Anyones welcome to post here with critizism or w/e. Thanks.


Heres what I did on monday and tuesday so far this week. This was before I decided what my plan was.

Mon -
Squat - 135x6, 185x6, 225x5, 255x5, 275x3
Bench - 135x10, 155x10, 185x5, 205x5, 215x1, 185x5, 135x10

This came after a week off. I was moving and just seemed like a good time to take a rest. So needless to say I was sore as hell.

Tues -
Random Cardio stuff - I hate eliptacles but my knees hurt when I run. I’m going to move the cardio around once I get into the routine.

Off to the gym now. Deadlifting.

Thurs -
Deadlift 135x5, 185x5, 225x5, 275x5, 315x5, 355x3
Military Press 95x8x5
Pull ups - assisted with mini bands 5x5

Diet was good today… I’ll post more when I get more time. Good start, and I can tell I’m going to swtich around my shotgun days.

Close Grip Bench 95x10, 135x8x4
Dips 3x8
Side Lateral Raises 17.5x12x4
Elyptical 20 min

Hard getting back into doing cardio after 6 months of absolutley none.

Edit: Ok so for dinner I had a piece of steak a salad and some Whole Wheat Pasta. I dont know how good/bad the whole wheat pasta is but my g/f only eats chicken and gets tired of it so every once in a while she makes pasta. This gonna be a big bump in the road in the long run?

Going out tonight, if we gotta drive I’m gonna offer to be DD but if not I’ll probubly have a drink or two. Probubly something like a rum and diet coke, or a glass of red wine.

5/30 - Yesterday.

20 Min Elyptical
With the bar - 10 reps each, Bench, bent over rows, romanian deadlift, squat. All in a row did 4 sets, when ya get done squating ya just lay back down on the bench and start over again.
3x5 Pull ups, grip close together.

I had a few spoon fulls of that Whole wheat pasta at about 11 last night. I know it was probubly shit for me but I was starving and it was the easiest thing to eat.

Sunday 6/1 - Day off from the gym. Sat at work all day not doing much of anything, I had to lug 10 tanks about 50 yards but thats all I got done today. Diet was pretty good I think.

Woke up - Protein Shake and a banana
around 10:30 I had one of those kashi bars (my gf buys em) and a hard boiled egg.
Lunch 1ish - salad balsamic vinegar and a plain chicken wing w/ the skin.
2:30-3ish another hard boiled egg - 2 spoon full of peanut butter
3:30-4ish another hard boiled egg.

On my way home soon, and I know this is starting to sound sick but I may be eating a few scrambled eggs and turkey bacon for dinner.

Mon 6/2
Squat - 135x5x2, 185x5, 225x5, 255x5, 275x3
Bench - 135x12, 155x10, 185x5, 205x3x2, 135x10
Pulldowns - 100x12, 120x12, 140x10

Been eating alot of triscuits, man they are good.

Pullups - 3x6-8
breacher curls - 50x12x4
DB Curls - 25sx16x3

situps 4x20

15min Elyptical.

Starting to eat better…mostly because I ate all the bad shit thats in the house so now all thats left is the good stuff. I gotta start getting in veggies at every meal but its tough…I cooked up a lb and a half of ground beef tonight so I’ll snack on that for the next day or two.

I blame a long day at work for this shitty workout

deadlift 135x5, 185x5, 225x5, 275x5, 315x3 died on 315.
Military press 40lb dumbells 4x10
chest supported rows - 120x8x4

elyptical 15min

Think i’m gonna knock up the cardio every week maybe by 5min or the difficulty or something, I’ll figure it out.

6/6 - Road bike to gym aprox 1.5mile
close grip bench - 135x10x4
Tri extensions 40x20x4
Squat - 135x5, 185x5, 225x5, 275x3
Road bike home 1.5miles

6/9 Good day
Squat -135x5, 185x5, 225x5, 275x3, 315x1
Bench 135x10, 185x5, 155 w/ chains x 6, 175 w/ chains x 3 - last two sets i had pauses at the bottom.
pull ups 4x6

So I’ve begun cutting back some calories. I’m not eating that hardcore anymore. I usually went through cycles where I would eat great for a bout a week and break down and then eat like shit for a few days to a week. Now I’ve just worked on cutting back calories. I’m watching carbs but not as much as I used too. For example I had a sandwiche for lunch today with 2 whole wheat pieces of toast.

I’ve never tried to diet like this really. I’m usually not looking at calories and only looking at carbs and protein. Now I’m going to look more at calories, still going to try to get as much protein as possible but I won’t be so strict about carb consumption. Well I’ll be tracking my weight from now on, I guess once a week. I’ll update tonight at the gym.

Bent over rows - 95x12, 135x8x4
Breacher Curls - 50x10x4 superset with hammer curls with chains x 8-12 reps
21’s w/ 30lbs x 3
Pull ups - 3x6

15min on elyptical

weight 185.

deadlift (standing on a 100lb plate) - 135x5, 185x5, 225x5, 275x5, 315x3x3
Bench - few sets but was beat so stopped.

Diet has been SHIT and can’t get it in order…theres too much shit around that my gf buys or thats just been left over in the house. About to say fuck it to the diet all together and just lift.

Didn’t get to go to the gym yesterday and today isnt looking good. This fucking alcoholic kid I work with hasn’t been working the past four days so yesterday I worked from 8am-10pm and today I’m working all day.

Yesterday I did get a dive in as part of my job so it wasnt that bad and it was som excersice. Thats about 1hr of swimming around. Today I got 2 dives in at about 25 minutes each. Its not intense cardio but its something.

Been a few days. Been doing alot of diving the past few days. Lots of swimming but not alot in the gym. I got in yesterday

9/18 - squat 135x5x2, 185x5, 225x5x3
bench 125x10, 155x5, 185x5x3, 135x10

needed to stay light b/c i hadnt been in for about a week.

6/20 - ~45min of cardio

6/21 - 2 hour dive

squating tomorrow.