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SS Mistake

Hey guys,

Now don’t laugh, well it’s actually pretty funny but w/e. It’s been about 3 weeks doing SS and I just realized I’ve made a huge mistake. I’ve been doing 3 reps of 5 sets.

Now the weird thing is my strength has been progressing very well and I’ve put on 7 pounds, and not just fat, my arms/chest/legs/shoulders and back are all noticeably larger, even friends comment on it.

Now I’m just wondering, I’m aiming for Size and not really Strength, I know I’m not suppose to mess around with his setup and it’s been repeated numerous times before but would I have experienced at least the same or better results if I followed SS exactly? In other words should I change what I’m doing lol…

Thanks again!

If it’s working, then don’t change. SS is a great template, but it can be changed to fit the lifters needs. You are essentially getting the same volume of 15 reps.


Whenever you start to plateau a bit, that might be a good time to change it back to the original template of 3 x 5. Good luck with that!

Just goes to show that it doesn’t entirely matter what you do.