SS Gets Rebranded!

An interesting link popped-up on my FB feed!
“Slow-motion strength training is one of those methods that does work, and it is research-based. This precise approach to strength training quickly fatigues muscles using a challenging resistance and a high-degree of attention to form while being very low stress on the joints.
Similar to HIIT and circuit training, the focus is on achieving a challenging (yet safe) exercise with minimal rest during the workout. Due to the effort required and lack of rest, these brief and intense workouts accomplish more in less time.”

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I think there are a lot of new franchise businesses coming out that use HIT ideas (slow, extended TUT resistance training, on a machine, one set to failure).

I just got a flyer in the mail for a new studio opening up near me:

Also: Fit20


It’s kind of funny to see how HIT changed it’s look and marketing to come across as more ‘user friendly’ way to train then when I first started training that way in the early 80’s.

Then it was described as ‘brutally hard work’ with an often scowling picture of Arthur Jones, the main guy behind this new training system and also the inventor of the Nautilus machines. Workouts supervised by Jones were magnificently described by Dr. Darden in many great books while another no-bullshit, hard-ass advocate of HIT , Ken Leistner ( Dr. Ken ) also gave the play-by-play of training sessions in his own news letters, describing trainees handling huge poundages for high reps, collapsing and puking in buckets.

These stories had me and many others looking forward to their next workout so bad you could hardly wait for your next time under the squat bar, LOL !

Now you see ads with smiling senior citizens with grey hair in ‘gyms’ that look like well kept offices and in the ad say not to worry , because you won’t even get sweaty ! Instead of pounds of muscle , you get a flat tummy.

For the new people just getting here you wouldn’t have any idea of what I’m talking about … but there are others here like me who’ve been on the HIT train for 40 years or more who do know what I’m talking about.

I’m NOT KNOCKING HIT … just having a laugh of how the marketing has changed so much from the Jones in-your-face attitude like he’d kick your ass if you doubted him to the Mr. Rogers " … you won’t even need a shower … " LOL


I find the new SuperSlow cult to be wholly uninformed and unqualified to discuss cardiovascular conditioning. It is a total waste of time to discuss these such issues.
The new SuperSlow cult is uninformed and unqualified to talk about physics which they so often refer to inappropriately.
But, most alarming is a disingenuous, inflammatory , vulgar language used routinely by the new SuperSlow cult. A total turn off!


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I don’t disagree, but the SS gang have used the Suit-and-Tie look and the air conditioned studio for a long time (at least 25 years).

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It is probably a case of following the money. Sedentary adults (seniors, aging baby boomers) are quite numerous, and many have nice incomes. It is probably a lot easier to make a living selling to those folks, as opposed to trying to win over a few hard-core gym rats and bodybuilders. It is probably also a lot more rewarding in a non-financial way: if you can get a sedentary adult to strength train regularly, you will have substantially improved the quality of their life, even if the program isn’t optimal for hypertrophy or athletic development or strength or cardiovascular improvement…

Arthur Jones was clearly going in a different direction. He was highly motivated to win over the hard-core crowd, show them that Joe Weider was full of it, and that he (Arthur) was much smarter than any of them.


Where are these vulgar SSians hanging out? And are you talking about the whole group or just your old arch-nemesis Josh Trentine?


Of course that’s the reason … it’s just funny , but sad to me , to see the difference in the way it was and how it is now. As you point out, to survive they had to sell to a whole different crowd. And of course it’s great that the severely watered down version is at least getting some people off their ass to do something.

But though there’s some good it , I’m sure AJ and Dr. Ken are both spinning in their graves.

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Not sure that Josh Trentine is working out in SS fashion anymore. Although he can still train in such manner his clients.


Ken Hutchins passed the SuperSlow torch to DB, and he mentors JV!

Name calling and vulgarity are the norm

Calling people “idiots” will not win any debates.
Furthermore, your credibility will be extinguished!


I assume DB refers to Drew Baye.

Baye has clearly been named the successor for Hutchins’ intellectual property (books and articles). Hutchins said this himself in one of his long podcasts with Baye. I’m not sure why Baye got chosen over some others (and don’t really care). Maybe it has something to do with him helping Hutchins out now by selling his content.

JT seems to have given up on promoting anything outside of his local training studio. Has zero social media presence as far as I can tell. If he now does something totally different than Superslow/Renex for his own training, that would surprise me a little bit. But since he is private about his current training, not much to discuss here. I doubt that he would credit DB as a mentor.

I have little to say about Josh! History says all that is necessary!

However, Jay V is so uninformed and unqualified to speak on scientific mattters, anatomy and physiology, cardiovascular conditioning, blood vessel compliance that it seems hilarious he would resort to name calling along with vulgarity. However, on the old Darden board, Drew , his mentor, was infamous for such remarks.
DB and JV will be the death blow for HiT, and good riddance.

Meanwhile, longevity experts such as Peter Attia are making laughingstock out of all anti-cardio-doesn’t exist nonsense. Soon, McGuff, Steele, will discover cardio for the SuperSlow crowd. I can only imagine SuperSlow walking pace……only kidding!

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My bad…. my aging brain turned JV into JT

I hadn’t been paying much attention to Jay Vincent. I see he has a pretty active YouTube channel. From a brief glance, he seems like the latest guru to be pushing long standing Super Slow talking points. I’m sure those already in the choir enjoy it!

At 16,000+ subscribers he has decent following. However, there are many fitness influencers on YouTube with 100,000+ subscribers, and a few in the 7-figure range. If you want to get worked up about bad fitness advice, there are plenty of other people with much larger followings.

As for Attia: I enjoy listening to him, but I don’t take everything he says as gospel truth. He is always very earnest and sincere, presenting his ideas with a lot of conviction and certainly. But if you followed him for any length of time, you know his advice sometimes shifts significantly.

Early on, he was big on Keto and zero carb diets. No more… as he now enjoys rice, beans, or potatoes with some meals. He was heavily involved with Gary Taubes NuSi initiative; then he bailed as the early research studies started coming in. It now seems like he really wants people to forget he was ever involved in that. He took metformin as a longevity enhancer for 9 years, then abruptly quit, citing a couple of studies which show it might interfere with hypertrophy.

I will be interested to see how his thinking on Zone 2 cardio evolves as he gets older. Right now, his personal training program employs a lot of cardio: 4-5 hours of zone 2 per week, 3 hours of moderate intensity rucking, and not quite an hour of high intensity interval work. Throw in his strength training, and the man exercises about 14 hours a week, or about 2 hours a day. Good for him. But clearly not sustainable for the vast majority of us.

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Excellent comments

man for sure , you are right, it’s funny, now a days people seem to be ‘softer’ and want mild happy workouts, where back in our day, we wanted to bend iron, kill the weights,… be brutal.

nw-lifter :

Yeah, todays diluted HIT versions certainly wouldn’t be workouts for a great writer like Darden to write about to inspire us like he did in High Intensity Bodybuilding , would it ?

Good friends of mine … non-lifters … but who I share other serious interests , always talk with much gratitude that we weren’t born any later than we were with the fucked up changes that have taken place in everything we loved to do.

I’m dead serious when I say I would not want to be twenty years old right now having the same interests I’ve had and was allowed to pursue growing up when I did … no way in Hell.

man me too, totally agree, if I was gonna be 20 again, I’d want to be 20 in 1970, not now a days, stuff is getting too weird, watered down, (everything, not just lbodybuilding, etc.), people are getting strange now…


I tend to agree, though not being born until later in the 70-ties. In my alternative retrospective past, I would have a conversation or two with Arthur Jones.

Not intentionally breaking this thread, only commenting, I once read an article stating that 1978 was the best year for the common man - based on several factors re quality of life. Have tried to trace that article with no success. Maybe I had a dream?

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I was born in 65 so barely remember 1970, but I do remember the 70’s in general felt like the best period of time. That sounds right about 1978 being the best time, the 70’s were cool, it felt like a bright future as cars, TVs, Bodybuilding, trends, etc. were blossoming and the future looked to be cool and great… I’d have love to experience that time at an older age like 20 to really soak it in.


Fully agree. Nobody asked me if I wanted to live in the 21st century. It’s sad to see how “weak” (I can’t find another word) physically, mentally, in spirit, in work ethics and many other aspects is the young generation. They wholeheartedly believe they are just a mouse click away from everything they can wish in life.