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Hey boardmembers,

I'm new here so wassup! :smiley:

I got this from a fitness message board. Which benefits fat loss more effectively? What do ya'll think?


What about sprinters?

I'm not sure why the author comapred HIIT to step aerobics. IF HIIT is done correctly, you won't last longer than 15 min. while step aerobics can be done up to 60 min.

Can someone please clarify?


First off, you might want to check out the thread on this forum called, "High vs Low Intensity Cardio" to see what some of us had to say already about this. There is a good discussion going on there.

As for this yahoo, he is the typical non-athlete body builder, clearly not a trainer or at least not a good one.

What he is missing is that you DO NOT have to attack fat directly to lose bodyfat. Yes, low intensity cardio does indeed burn more fat on average. But, using his idiot logic when he talked about HIIT burning carbs, what if you went and drank 3 tablespoons of olive oil after your low-intensity cardio - you body would put the fat right back where it came from, right?!

LOL! This guys doesn't know much about the bodies energy systems or nutritional physiology.

He doesn't understand even what HIIT is. Its HIGH intensity, in other words, its mostly anaerobic - it cannot be done longer than in 60 second intervals, or its NOT high intensity. Step aerobics are exactly that - aerobic! Hello?! The energy system is in the name of the friggin exercise - AEROBIC!

Anyway, HIIT can cause a person to lose LBM faster than low intensity - that much is true, which is why it must be done around the right nutritional support. Any anaerobic exercise burns fuel that's already in the muscle cell at the site of the exercise, not adipose tissue. HIIT requires energy at such a fast pace that it must come from muscle gylcogen (which is what he calls burning carbs). Then there is a compensatory action where the body must re-up its glycogen stores; this is where the calorie drain comes in. As long as a trainee provides sound nutriton immediately post-exercise, and it doesn't have to be dominated by carbs, just some carbs to prevent an immune system crash and high cortisol levels, it can and often should be high in protein and even some healthy fats.

What he doesn't know is that the human body can take ANY macronutient (pro, cho, fat) and re-up glycogen stores. Similary, it can take ANY macro nutrient and convert it to a triglyceride to be stored as body fat.

The question then comes down to this: do you want to cut your cardio time in half or less by doing HIIT (not step aerobics)? 300 cals burned in 20 minutes vs. 45 minutes is still 300 calories burned. As long as the nutritional support is there, HIIT just gets the job done faster. Aerobics can be done several hours after a meal or even fasted (but a small protein pre-WO snack is a good idea even with aerobics). But anaerobic exercise should really be pre-empted by a small snack 60-90 minutes prior to the bout to prevent catabolism.

That said, some people cannot do a lot of HIIT and intense lifting in the same cycle (like EDT-type training) due to nervous system recovery. So, we might prefer low-intensity cardio to prevent over-training. On the other hand, the typical body builder doesn't come near over-training with their "7 day body part split" that they over-use.



Thanks for clarifying the misunderstanding there. That author got me going for second. GGrrr...I actually thought he was onto something!!!....well, until I reread the whole thing! LOL