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SS Bench


Hello, I just started SS last week, but I think I started my bench too high, my max when I started was 205(bw of 150). I started with 155 and a couple days ago was really straining to get through 170( which should have felt easy) for 5x3. Did I start too high? Or is maybe the frequent squatting simply making me more tired when its time to bench?


You started too high. And you probably should eat more.


If I reset my bench where should I start if my 1rm was 205 then?


Drop the weight down to 145lbs and eat more.

No harm in starting lower, there is no rush.


Yeah, good point. I'll reset to 145 then


Perfect, youll progress great by starting lower and focusing on technique while the weight is submaximal.


And just go up by 5 every workout just as prescribed?


Your lack of weight gain is a bigger error than your bench programming.


I never mentioned anything about how much weight I've gained, and I've been on SS a couple weeks


This is SuperSquats right? Are you drinking a gallon of milk per day plus eating 4-6 times per day? Are you having 1.5-2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight? I've done the SuperSquats program a number of times and loved it. The book states and I have found to be true that although you add 5 pounds per lifting day to the squat it will most likely not be possible to do with the bench and some of the other or all of the other lifting. I was able to always add 5 pounds per lifting day to my stiff-dead lifts. It's an awesome program to build strength and put on size.


No, Starting Strength (rippetoes program for getting newbs used to the barbell lifts, and get some weight on the bar/themselves) is what he is talking about. Keep going until you stall (three workouts that you don't make any progress in the lift) then drop down the weight by 25 pounds, and start adding weight again.

For every rep/set make sure to have good form, and try to accelerate the bar as much as possible. Doing that with any submaximal work is what makes you stronger. If you don't keep good form, and try to accelerate it then submaximal work isn't going to do anything for you.


My mistake.