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Sriracha Hot Sauce

This is without a doubt the best hot sauce I have tried so far.

It’s breakdown for 1 tsb (5g) is:
Calories 5
Carbs 1 g (sugar)

It is strong enough that you don’t even need close to that much to spice up a protein + fat meal.

Um, duh, everyone knows this :wink:

Officially, it’s called “hot cock sauce” for obvious reasons. Enjoy!
It comes (pun slightly intentional) in different flavors too… Ginger, lemongrass etc.
Fine product.

I’ve been eating that stuff since I was a wee boy…my dad loved it, and subsequently his three sons do too.

absolute favorite of mine

you know what’s realllllllly good…

mix hot sauce with some honey and put it on your fried chicken

don’t thank me, thank bobby flay

you got that right. I just got done with my mid afternoon snack. 1/2 tub of cottage cheese with sriracha hot sauce and one cut-up green bell pepper. This stuff makes cottage cheese taste incredible. I thought it was pretty strange to just finish eating it and then log on to see this post. Had to chime in with my 2 cents. Hot and Tasty too.