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Sri Lanka's Killing Fields



Channel 4 for the next week have allowed this to be viewed globally or so I am told.

In short the documentary collates footage and testimony that suggests the Sri Lankan government directly fired on Tamil civilians during the last stages of the civil war in 2008-2009, executed bound prisoners, committed sexual atrocities, even using GPS locations given to them by the Red Cross to shell hospitals they were supposed to avoid! The silence on Sri Lanka compared to say, Libya is defeaning.

What can be done?

Warning: It's a very very bleak documentary, with videos of people being shot


Maybe if the US government can be convinced that coconut oil is a viable energy resource and that it is in the best interests of US national security to "protect" Sri Lanka they will spare some American Freedom Fighters for the cause.



And the Tamil Tigers never attacked civilians, used suicide bombers, recruited child soldiers, never assassinated people in a country uninvolved in the civil war and certainly never attempted ethnic cleansing of Sinhala and Muslim populations in the Northern Provinces of Sri Lanka.

Except that they did.

Both sides are just as bad as each other.


Not denying the culpability of the Tamil Tigers, but the documentary shows pretty good evidence of heavy and deliberate shelling of civilians and civilian hospitals and extrajudicial murders of women, and people boasting about the sexual assault of women by the government

As whoever said: an eye for an eye and the whole world is blind.


Great solutions:

  1. The UN could pay ALL Sri Lankans and Tamil separatists to 'move somewhere else'. Problem solved.

  2. We could 'stop giving an opinion about this'. Problem solved.

  3. We could sell arms to both sides and 'let them go at it' and resolve the situation themselves. Problem solved.

Fortunately we have an international confederation of states dedicated to preserving world peace and human rights. They have their own 'Human Rights Council' that takes care of this sort of stuff. I'm sure they'll do something about it soon. They have a really good track record.


I am a little surprised this topic got so little commentary, perhaps Lifty's statement here has some merit.


Same. To quote someone else it's seen here as "a quarrel in a far-away country between people of whom we know nothing".

This is further proof of UN ineffectuality in the face of war crimes and ethnic cleansing. On both sides. The Sri Lankan government should be held responsible for their crimes. I would say the same about the Tamil Tigers, but they're all dead.

The lack of outrage here compared to Libya (or Israel) is startling.


Libya -> Oil

Sri Lanka -> Tea


It is almost certainty that both sides targeted innocent civilians. The tamils were initially the oppressed and it was a violent civil war lasting more than 20 years.

The lack of interest is because a) Sri Lanka is not a world player; nor are they a threat to global stability. b) The war criminals in Sri Lanka are at the bottom of a very long list of war criminals (e.g. there are plenty of war criminals living it up from the last Kosovo war - or even WW2 Japs).

What can be done about it? Well we could send our special forces in to assassinate these people I guess. But then they wouldn't get a fair trial. Possibly a decent solution if we knew exactly who committed the war crimes and had mountains of proof.

Or we could place sanctions on Sri Lanka unless they handed these people over. But then cue all the bitching about acting like world police. Not to mention the many innocent deaths sanctions would bring.

Truth is doing anything now would cause more problems than it would solve.


And how would you hold them responsible? With sanctions that would cause tens of thousands of innocent deaths? Or by invading Sri Lanka now that it is finally stable? Send in some US death squads to wipe out those responsible?

And? People have been sending them money and support for years. Lets hunt them down! At what point do we just have to mind our own business?

Libya gets all the interest because it is a new conflict AND is a fight for "democracy" and "democratic values". As well as being in a much more influential part of the world. It is not really comparable to the Sri Lankan conflict.


All right, that settles it, let the British handle them.


Actually the Tamil Tiger links to Al-Qaeda worry me when it comes to stability.

And Tamils being initially oppressed means nothing in the face of the tactics used to overcome their oppression. Suicide bombing and child soldiers come to mind. Disgusting behavior.


The British caused the mess in the first place, perhaps they should be doing something.


Or maybe, they should stay the fuck out of this and use this as an example of why you do not mess with other nations.