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Squishy Fat on Stomach


Hey guys, Im new to this site; however, I Have been a long time lurker. I have been maintaining @ about 2700 calories for about a month now, and, have , in my opinion, looked really good. Well, last week I Had a "binge" which sent me about 1200 cals over maintenance. Anyways, I am only a pound over my weight of 167, but, my stomach is unrecognizable.

When I push down its almost like my fat feels like "tapioca"; weird, I know. Does anyone have experience with this phenomena? I sat in the sauna for like 30 minutes yesterday and did a little extra cardio, and, by the end of my sauna, I had vascularity in my quads, arms...You name it. But, this bloat in my stomach will not go away. HELP.


I think I figured out the problem... you're 5'11" and weigh 167lbs


I have a very small frame. How do I post pictures; it wont allow me to use photobucket.


Big-ron here is on to something.


Im more than willing to post pictures. I do not look 167, atleast in my opinion. Or, anyone I know..People guess I am around 190.


Under the text box you will see a link that says "go advanced" click on that.

the next screen will have the same text box but under that it will say "attatch Image" and "attatch video" click the box next to image that says "choose file" and then select the picture you wish to upload from your desktop/folder/whatever


haha whats up man? Lookin good in the new avi. Lookin leaner and bigger???


Is it possible to use photobucket. Sorry for the retarded questions btw.


Not sure?


Alright, here is an upper body of me at 164


Here are the wheels at 164


Are you on prednisone?


No, I am not.


Looking pretty swole there as well man, ive just been kind of maintaining but working on weak points like my lats. Summer is more for beer (gasp) and volleyball haha.

OP, you look pretty good. Have good muscle shape, just gain more muscle and you won't notice that little bit of fat you have.


Thanks alot man I appologize for fumbling around with my posts haha. Hopefully, as I become more familiar with these forums...I appear to be less of an idiot haha.


looking good there