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'Squeezing' the Weight Up

I just read Rippetoe’s “Staring Strength” and he talks about “Squeezing” the weight up in Deads but never expounds upon this.

Can some one who actually “Squeezes” the weight off the floor help and tell me WTF he is saying?


Check out his youtube’s on it

I think he means “pushing through the floor” to initiate the deadlift. Helps you if you have a tendency to jerk the barbell off the floor (which in my opinion is the opposite of squeezing the weight up), develops a proper leg drive in the start and its also easier to keep everything tight (core) through out the lift.

Thanks guys, my deads are already decent but I am getting to the point where i am looking for hints to get it up to 600. and I definitely do have a tendency to “jerk” the weight off the floor

i havent read what youre talking about, but id guess that it includes pulling the slack out of the bar before initiating the pull

i think Rippetoe is just saying to squeeze the bar tight so as to generate more power when lifting. just like glute activation generates more power, squeezing the hell out of a bar also contributes to a stronger lift

hard to explain, but I think it is more applicable to sumo style. For conventional I always have been told to drive your feet thru the floor.