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Squeezing Gyno Making It Worse


i have had gyno since i was ten years old, and have had it since then (im in my early 20's). it hasnt been severe, but i do have a few small lumps under each nipple.

ive noticed something that maybe someone else could confirm for me.

it seems that when i rub those lumps, or squeeze them, or stretch that tissue, the gyno generally worsens for a good while, then goes back to its normal, mild state. when i leave my nipples and gyno lumps alone, its not bad, but when i really rub them and squeeze those lumps, they swell up for a week or two.

why is this? i was thinking that excessively rubbing and squeezing the gyno is in essence stimulating the under-developed mammary glands. this stimulation may cause more activity in the area.

what do u guys think? also, has anyone else noticed this?


You're rubbing and squeezing the shit out of your nipples and you're wondering whey they get bigger?

If I punched you in the face, and you developed a bruise on your cheekbone, would you think your skull is growing?

Fluid overfill. It's what the body does in respone to your quirky nipple fetish. Mammary glands are highly sensitive, and the nipple area (for both men and women) is an area of a very high degree of nerve concentration. Just don't pinch/squeeze/grab/clamp/have-your-girlfriend-lick them.




It dosen't make it worse in the long term. Gyno is a result of hormonal action, not pinching the nipples.

Just go to a surgeon and get it over with because once it's there it's THERE.


yea my suggestions is to stop giving yourself titty twisters aka the purple nurple.


Think I can make my girl's boobs grow bigger by developing a quirky boob fetish? Thinking about it, my penis should be like three feet long by now...


I also want to add that I agree with Contrl. I don't want my stupid jokes to sway the OP into thinking that I disagree.


it wasnt some quirky fetish,thats advice some doctors give.

i have seen a couple doctors about my mild gyno when i was in high school, and they said to squeeze those lumps and massage the area in the hopes that once you loosen up the concentration of those lumps, and stretch it all out, they will get more circulation and dissolve quicker.

so massaging the area is actually advice some doctors give.


this was a legitimate question and a legitimate problem. inspecting your breast tissue and breast lumps by squeezing, rubbing, and stretching the tissue is NOT ABNORMAL!!!!

thanks to the people who actually gave me an answer.


Sorry if you got upset. You asked a legitimate question and got a legitimate response. Contrl summed it up quite nicely by saying that manipulating tissue will result in edema.

I'm going to assume that if you man-handles your gyno every day it still wouldn't get worse beyond a certain point, which supports this idea of edema. I wouldn't worry about it. I've got a very small amount of gyno from puberty and there is a similar effect in me if I poke around a bit too much when feeling how big the lumps are.

Besides, we're poking fun at the idea (no pun intended), not specifically at you. You've got to expect a little badgering when asking a question such as yours. Most guys will joke around a bit in the process of helping you out. No hard feelings, just human nature. We honestly aren't directing our jokes at you.


The doctors likely gave you that advice in the assumption that they were nothing more than growths underneath the skin. Also as a means to possibly rule out breast cancer (Don't laugh, it CAN occur in young men, too) in the process. All I meant is that the swelling and/or tenderness as a result of pinching or squeezing them is absolutely normal, to the extent of my knowledge.

As Schwarzenegger said, it's just harmless badgering. Although the idea of my penis also being 3 feet long as a result of long evenings with only the company of the smooth, romantic glow of comuter porn is amusing.


thanks contrl and schwarz


Yeah, I agree, that "quirky nipple fetish" remark cracked me up.