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Squeezing Bench with Legs When Bench Pressing?


Heard some power lifters recommend squeezing the bench when they drive up. mainly recommended it for lifters who like to place their feet directly under their buttocks. one also said it can help strengthen your legs and glutes. Anyone care to elaborate if theres any benefit to this?


It’s called leg drive.


I mean I never associated squeezing the bench with your thighs much with leg drive. I always thought of leg drive as a little hip thrust with glutes still on the bench and moving back as you press.


Some people do it especially geared lifters I have seen do it I think to try and help stabilize them selves while allowing for a bigger arch which is usually a little bigger when you get on your toes to bench. Going flat footed I don’t think it would make much sense at all as you wouldn’t be stable at all with such narrow foot placement as yo actually squeeze the Bench.


When i start to struggle with the weight sometimes i naturally squeez the bench and it helps.(Usually during 1-2 rep maxes and when im grinding the rep out.)