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Squeeze a Scale


Pick up your bathroom scale with two hands (heels of palms on the top side, fingers on the bottom side) and squeeze as hard as you can.

Post the weight reading you can maintain for about one second (i.e. spikes quicker than that don't count).

This probably won't be scientific due to the differences in bathroom scale sizes, but let's just have a little fun anyway.

I got 193 lbs.


You're a little too competitive, mate.

Did you lose the penis measuring contest and thought you'd try your luck with this contest?


Spry, we should just flow our johnsons down on the scale and see how much they weigh.


Don't get me wrong.

As soon as I get home I'll post my score.


Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh! runs home

Actually I posted because my grandfather taught me this test years ago (he was a masseuse that enjoyed lifting weights and arm wrestling friends) and he said his large cousin could squeeze a "certain" high amount on a scale, and I want to see how common (or uncommon) that figure is by getting data from you brutes.


I only managed 45 lbs. :frowning:

I'm a loser.

Wait! Let me give it another go.
(runs to the bathroom)...

Got 50 lbs this time!

Lucky I do better on the penis measuring contests.


You should post this on gripboard, they have some pretty amazing hand strength over there. Not that t nation members don't have above normal hand strength, but we would be better suited for squatting a couch or something ;p.

I'd like to see video of you doing this sounds interesting-Kind of weird trying to visualize it- Idk I guess I just like 'seeing' things to help me understand it better. I have an idea of what it should look like though.


I'll have a go on my scales when I get home.

I've closed the CoC#2 5x with my right hand and I've one hand deadlifted 140kg with my left hand, no straps of course!



Why not gauge your hand strength by just telling us what captains of crush you can close.


not everyone has a CoC, but most people have scales and most of them are the same.


Why not just never post here again?


Nothing wrong with 45 lbs. There are many things that make a man a loser. Lack of grip strength is not one of them.

Thanks, shizen. Didn't know about that board. I just figured I'd throw the topic out here and see if anyone was interested. Couldn't hurt, right? Hah!

You probably have the right idea. Just pick it up and squeeze it with both hands to get the numbers moving. The only wrong variation I could think of was if someone put one hand entirely on the top and the other entirely on the bottom and then did like a pec squeeze, like Superman squeezing coal into a diamond.


Oh shit! Woops. I didn't read your original post very well and I did the Superman squeezing coal thing.

FYI - That is an extremely awkard pressing movement to do.

My scales are kind of broken since I got them wet - they are a cheap digital set - and you have to keep the thing completely horizontal or it goes haywire.

I shall try actually gripping the scales tonight when I get home.



145 lbs here.


COOL! I just ran to my bathroom to sqeeze my scale. I got just over 120 lbs. the first try, and then I couldn't do better than 100 on subsequent attempts. I want to warm up properly and see if I can do better tomorrow.

How much can you do with one hand? I got 40 lbs. one handed.


Nice! Glad to see some of you getting into it.

I tried the one hander for the first time ever, dominant hand, and got 88 lbs.

Tried the two hander again and got 196 lbs this time. My wittle fingers hurt now.


122 lbs this time.


I just got 188 lbs, I'll try it out later on today after I've woken up and eatin a bit more to see if that makes a difference...gotta break that 200 mark!


I don't have a scale, but all you guys getting roughly high do you train grip with say Captain of crush of other implements?


I don't train grip at all - oh wait, you were talking to the guys with the HIGH scores!

I've found deadlifts improve grip quite a lot.

Also DB bench press but only because you need to be able to deadlift/swing the DB's up off the floor and lie down on the bench.