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Squeems or Waist Training for Figure Athletes

Hello all,

I’ve been on again off again on the forums and have recently become more motivated to get the results I’ve always wanted. In my looking around for exercises and such I noticed more than a few fitness competitors and trainers raving about the squeem. I wanted to know your thoughts on it!

Looking forward to hearing from you alla

Never heard of it but something I have heard of is Tabata very good workout routines effective as cutting the fat making you more agile if done right can be used with any excercise I personally think very effective.

My understanding is that waist cinchers and squeems “work”, but they do so by causing atrophy of your core muscles, your erectors, your obliques and abdominals - and the results are temporary. You have to keep wearing it to keep your “results”.

It’s not something I would ever recommend, you’re weakening your back and dramatically increasing your chance of injury for aesthetics. To each their own, but at least know the risks and why something “works” before you decide to implement it.

Lots of info here on that: http://tnation.t-nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_women_training_performance_figure_group/the_lengths_competitors_go_to_crazy_or_not