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you said your problem was testicular due to the fact that your lh was normal; thats simply not true,if your testicles were the cause,your lh would be through the roof. my guess is that your lh was low normal to normal. it takes much longer for your body to adjust than most think
you always want to use a bit of hcg during every cycle in order to keep your testes from not functioning for extended periods,that can cause some scar tissue to develope(at least in theory). also what could have happened,is that your T levels adjusted to a new "set back" level. in other words,what is normal for you,might now be a lower t level. in any event,a year off of everything will be the only way to get an accurate reading. i know a year is a long time but you should do that when you are thinking of children.


Hmmm, I'll take it into consideration. I have much info to sort through.