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were you taking CLOMID or any other anti e's while your t levels were recently checked? if not,how long were you on anti e's and how long were you off prior to your most recent endocrine blood work?


I've been on them the whole time, as I badly needed them. I don't plan on stopping for another few weeks either. In three weeks I went from 250 to 600. This tells me I have more progress to make before anything levels off. I did clomid and light doses of adex. I don't think my levels would drop at this point, I am just getting my balls back to where they belong.


you should stay off clomid for about a month and then see if you are recovered NATURALLY before starting another cycle. this tells you that your testicles are functioning normally and there is no damage;the hypothalymus is where the problem could still lie.bottom line,your body is producung gonadatropins due to the clomid;lets see if your body can do it on its own,that would be recovery. let us know what you plan on doing and post your progress.


Well even when my test levels were low, I had a normal reading on my LH. The suppresion was purely testicular. There is no reason why my LH would drop through the ground after discontinuing clomid so there should be no reason why my recovery would reverse. I am going to stay on clomid for a while longer though as I feel that I have more room to improve.


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