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Squatting Without Rack


I wasn't sure where to post this, so I just posted here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, my gym does not have a squatting rack or power rack of any kind.

Fucking fantastic...

What should I do?

Thanks in advance for advice.

P.S. Joining a different gym or getting a home gym is out of the question.


Oh yeah, one more thing. My school has a weight room that they use to "train" the football players (virtually NOBODY knows what they're doing). I've went down in the past because they have power racks, but I've stop going because the coach tries to force me to follow the teams crappy workout routine, even though I have no intention of playing football, ever.


Front squat from a clean, or zercher squats.


you could learn to clean the bar, half press it behind your head, and then just drop the bar behind you when you're done. Obviously this will greatly limit the weight you can use, but its better than nothing.

Or, do what I used to do, find an incline bench, go on the side that the spotter goes on, and unrack the bar from there, and if its a platform, just step down... either way you're gonna eventually need to find a better gym


Clean, front squat.
Start deadlifting.


Here are all the options I can think of for leg training outside of a rack, something I've had to deal with for a while. Obviously, each has its own pros and cons.

Clean the bar and do front squats

Zercher squats, you deadlift the bar to your knees, then holding the bar in the crook of your elbows, squat

Barbell hack squats, a deadlift with the bar behind your legs

Romanian deadlifts, if you need to, google them

Deadlifts from a deficit, the bar starting right on top of your feet

Dumbell squats, grab 2 heavy dumbells and go high reps

Belt squats, if you've got some way of doing them

Anderson squats

Lunges, you know the drill

Step ups, find a 12" block to step on to, get some weight on your back, step up

Jefferson squats, these are just weird but here for the sake of completeness

Good mornings, clean the bar up and push jerk on to your back, obviously lighter weight only

Glute ham raises, plenty of guides for these around

Pistols (1 legged squat), can be done weighted

Can obviously throw in leg extensions/curls if the machines are there. I'm a fan of zerchers and hack squats, but neither of them are exactly comfortable and not ideal. I'm fairly posterior dominant and my hack squats are in honesty more of a total back and glute exercise than a quad one. My zerchers definitely felt like more of a heavy as hell good morning than quads. Thats mostly down to form though. I do them that way due to a combination of ego and wanting to focus on my crappy deadlift.

Unless you meant that you had no access to barbells at all then....


I use this in my home gym.

I think someone else a while back suggested taking 2 benches, putting them back to back with an empty bar on each and place your squat bar on the 2 empty bars and squat between the benches.


It's not like the coach can physically force you to do his routine.


They say that there's no order that can't be followed if you append it with the words, "...or die".



OP, zerchers, sumo DLs, lunges, clean/front squats, pistol squats holding DB.


OK guys, new question.

Which variation of the deadlift would you guys say is the best for targeting the quads? I'd say sumo, but then theres snatch grip, so idk...

Leg day's tomorrow :smiley:


Depends on how you are built, and even still if you can make use of said movements for your quads.

Generally speaking, it either the Duck or the Snatch-Grip Deadlifts.

For you it could even be Sumos.

RDL, and Hack Squats, are great you see people that have not Squatted ( see Back/Front style ) or DLed ( see Conventional/Sumo Style ) traditionally for years getting along fine with those two...

Lunges with a long stride are good for the quads in most cases.

Just pick a sane, number of the above movements and get it done.

PS : You do not have a Leg Press machine of some kind there? Why not try that?

PPS : Find a new place to train.


DL's aren't great for quads, but the aforementioned Hack Squats are. Well, I guess it's sort of a deadlift itself, just with the bar behind you.

If you can manage Sissy Squats, give those a try, too.


Front squat from a clean.
I think You shouldn't squat a weight that you can't clean.
You won't find squat rack in everyday life or in nature ^^
Well.. I'm a functionnal bastard.


hack squats, done properly, will fry your quads, hell even zerchers to an extent


and so it begins.......



I guess we're just fucking retards then, and limit our leg development and strength to our clean strength...WOW. Try telling this to NFL players...they will laugh you out of the fucking stadium.

Besides, define this "functional" you speak of.

Damn '09ers...


Being able to squat helps me to carry a rucksack, that is pretty damn functional.
Speaking of which, Loaded Ruck (or backpack) + stairs; just don't fall face first.


Learn to clean the bar and front squat. Having a heavy front squat will make back squatting easier when you are able to do the exercise safely.

Other than that,I would throw the overhead squat in for variety and injury prevention.


Your legs are skinny because you DON'T lift heavy, probably eat like a bird and say stupid things like this. You made two ignorant and insulting statements in one thread. Please, keep your mouth shut and stop polluting the water with the garbage you're spewing.